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How to Plan the Ultimate Golfing Trip (A PRACTICAL Guide)

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For golfing enthusiasts, there’s nothing that comes close to getting on a course, being in the fresh air, and striking the ball. All you need to know is how to plan the ultimate golfing trip.

If you frequent a local golf course, there may come a point where you want to try something new. Many golf lovers head all over the UK and across the world on golfing trips. If you like the idea of following suit, now is the time to get organised.

From picking the right destination to choosing a suitable course, here is a practical guide on how to plan a golfing trip and how to plan the ultimate golfing trip you and your pals won’t forget in a hurry.

Assemble a Group Together

Before you hit the golf course, you need to assemble a group together. After all, it’s not as much fun if you head on a golfing trip alone! If you’ve been golfing for many years, then chances are you’ve made friends with other golfing enthusiasts. Therefore, why not ask them to join you on your trip?

Once you’ve got your golfing companions on board, get their input and ideas to help organise your getaway. Try not to invite too many pals though. If there’s a huge gang of you, this can be a nightmare when it comes to sorting flights, accommodation, and meals!

Pick a Destination

After you’ve rallied the troops and know the numbers for your golfing adventure, it’s time to decide on where to go on your trip. As you can imagine, there are hundreds of golfing hot spots all over the world.

While many can be found in the UK and Ireland, you may be tempted to head across the pond and check out what the USA has to offer.

Understandably, the further you go, the more you’ll have to shell out. If money is no issue for yourself, that doesn’t mean your golfing buddies have the same budget. Make sure you sit down and discuss golfing destinations first.

Choose a Golf Course

Once deciding on a golfing destination, it’s time to pick your golf courses. This should be an easy decision as there are so many fantastic ones to play on. However, the variety can make it difficult!

Of course, it’s great to tick off the major signature courses, but you can still have tons of fun at lesser-known golf clubs.

For those on a tight budget, it’s not wise heading to St Andrews in Scotland for your golfing trip. This is because it will be an expensive trip! You’re best picking courses that are in line with the experience and skills of the players in your group. Following an established golf trail makes planning a whole lot easier too.

Keep Entertained

There will be lots of downtime during your golfing trip. Whether it’s on the journey to your destination or in the hotel room, having fun things to do to keep you entertained throughout your getaway is important.

Make sure you bring your smartphone and charger! You can use your device to keep your mind occupied. For example, many golfing fanatics enjoy playing golf-themed online casino games. You can check out who compare the best providers in the UK.

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Book Accommodation

Whether you’re going for a few nights or longer on your golfing trip, you’re all going to need somewhere to rest your head for the night. After a long day on the course, having somewhere to relax and unwind is important.

If you go to a popular golf destination, you will be inundated with accommodation options. These range from hostels to high-end hotels.

Depending on how many people are in your party, it may work out best to hire out your own pad, rather than a hotel room. You may even decide to use Airbnb which could work out significantly cheaper.

Many golf resorts have accommodation options on-site but be prepared to pay out more!

Know Your Seasons

Wherever you go on your golfing trip, you’ll be outdoors for a large chunk of time. This means you’ll want to golf in pleasant weather, rather than having heavy rain pouring down on you! It pays off to know your seasons before you book your golfing trip.

If you’re staying in the UK, you will find the best weather for your golfing trip is from May to September. These months are typically known as the high season. You may get lucky and score some fantastic weather in the shoulder month of April and October too.

What’s more, the green fees tend to be cheaper in the spring or autumn, meaning you can save a ton of money, while getting to play on quieter golf courses.

Know What to Pack

When it comes to packing for your golfing trip, you must bring the right clothing and equipment. If you’re staying in the UK, it’s essential you bring along some good-quality waterproofs.

After all, we know how unpredictable the weather can be! Should there be a downpour, you’ll want to know you’re protected. Always pack for all weathers so you are fully prepared for your golfing trip.

Next, it’s time to pack your gear. This includes golf clubs, balls and tees, gloves, and range finders. To ensure you don’t leave anything important behind, it’s wise to create a checklist.

While some golfing equipment can be hired once you get there, if you’re wanting to save money, don’t forget the essentials!

Whether you’re sticking to the UK or venturing further afield, there are loads of reasons why people go on golf trips every year.

As a chance to play on new courses, mingle with other golfing fanatics, and being in the great outdoors, what’s not to love?

Just make sure you plan your golfing trip well in advance. Even if you’re only going for a number of nights, it pays off to be organised.

As you leave your front door and head off on your golfing adventure, doing all the above will ensure you have a trip of a lifetime so long as you have followed our guide on how to plan the ultimate golfing trip.