Lag Shot Golf Swing Training Aid Review

The Lag Shot is a realistic Swing Training Aid to help you perfect your swing

Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

The Lag Shot Golf training aid helps you master your swing by adding a lag at the top of the backswing.

It is one of a number of lag swing coaching aids that have hit the market. But the difference with the Lag Shot Golf version is just how realistic this one is.

The swing trainer has been designed as a replica iron and is the length of a standard 7-iron. It allows you to practice from home or pre-round, as if you are playing on the course.

What Lag Shot says about the swing training aid:

“Lag Shot is a brand new training aid that is being praised by some of the leading PGA instructors (as well as countless amateur golfers) across the globe as a true game-changer.

“It’s a comfortable 7 iron in length, loft, and lie with a whippy, flexible blue shaft and beautiful ‘jet black’ clubhead.

“And unlike most ugly and awkward training aids, this club looks like it came straight out of a Titleist showroom. You won’t be embarrassed to have this beauty in your bag.

“It practically forces you to ‘load the club’ perfectly, generate tremendous lag automatically, and make confident swings with ideal tempo and rhythm.

“The result? A practice aid that trains your hands, arms, and body how to make a powerful, efficient golf swing with an amazing amount of lag.”

Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

Lag Shot Golf Swing Training Aid Design

Lag Shot have come up with a different design to many of their rival manufacturers of this style of training aid.

You will have seen other aids helping to add a lag and tempo to your swing which feature a heavy ball on the end.

Where this one differs is the fact it has been designed to look and feel like an iron. You can stand over a shot and practice as if you are playing your regular 7-iron.

The whippy nature of the blue shaft helps you add lag at the top of the backswing and transfer speed through the downswing. The training aid should help you add power to your game.

Lag Shot Swing Training Aid

It is available in both right-handed and left-handed options and can be shipped around the world.

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Is the Lag Golf Swing Training Aid any good?

This is one of the best we’ve seen, simply for the fact it is much more of a realistic training aid.

Practicing like you would play makes the time you spend developing a lag in your swing much more efficient. That gives the Lag Shot aid a distinct advantage thanks to the 7-iron like design.

The lag developed at the top of the bag swing helps generate more power, largely due to a much smoother swing and cleaner ball striking.


What is the Lag Shot Golf Training Aid?

It is a training aid from Lag Shot Golf which helps you develop a lag in your swing, and a smoother golf swing.

Does the Lag Shot Golf Training Aid work?

The fact it has been designed to look and feel like an iron makes this one of the most realistic on the market. You can expect to perfect your swing with the Lag Shot Golf aid.

How much does the Lag Shot Training Aid cost?

It retails at $169/£126 although is available with big reductions from time to time.