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Ways to Golf at Home

Golf Practice Net

Get your fix of golf at home with these ideas of training aids and practice methods.

If you are unable to get out on the course, that doesn’t mean the golf clubs have to be put away in the cupboard or garage.

There are many ways you can still continue to golf at home when unable to play, and the team have picked out their favourites.

Putting Matt

Hone that putting stroke from the living room, dining room or bedroom with a putting matt. They come in a variety of shapes of sizes, some with actual holes and others with aesthetic looks that includes bunkers and water hazards.

You can also get game improving putting matts with targets and aids to help you. Two of the best on the market is the Perfect Practice Putting Mat and the Wellputt Mat.

Wellput Mat

Practice Net

You’ll need outdoor space, but if you do have some then a practice net really will be a worthwhile purchase. They are not expensive, nor are they difficult to set up.

You can get simple nets that will take up little space on your lawn, or opt for something more grand that comes with a roof and is more tent like in looks.

From hitting driver to practising those chips that have been proving the negative in your game, a practice net will keep you swinging freely.

Practice Balls

You may want to combine these with a practice net rather than hitting actual golf balls. Or just hit these again the wall or towards a target.

You can purchase sponge practice balls that are heavy enough to feel realistic without threatening to smash the kitchen windows or the neighbour’s greenhouse. They are good to use for indoor chipping too.

If you are worried about causing damage, order some hollow balls that resemble a table tennis ball. You can’t do much damage with those!

A newer addition to the market in the BirdieBalls, which are must more realistic in terms of performance of flight and trajectory and are recommended. You can read more in our full review.


Golf Simulator

When we say golf simulator, we’re not meaning spend thousands on the kind of Golf Studio set up that your golf club might have. There are apps and programs that enable you to realistically replicate a round of golf via a home golf simulator.

Swing the shaft like you would in a round – whether that is in your living room or garden, and see how you get on playing some of the world’s best courses.

You can link it to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. It can be a real family thing too if you are all bunkered down!

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