Mizuno M Craft Putters Review

Mizuno launch the M Craft putter range with three striking new designs

Mizuno M Craft Putter

Mizuno M Craft putters have been released with three impressive design options in three eye-catching colours.

Hot on the back of the release of the Mizuno ST200 driver and the Mizuno CLK hybrids, the R&D team have launched three brand new putters for 2020.

The range features two blade options – the M Craft 1 and M Craft 2 – as well as a mallet named the M Craft 3, and all three come with the promise of “milled and forged precision”.

All three designs are fully adjustable thanks to heel and toe sole weights, and can be purchased in what Mizuno describe as White Satin, Blue Ion or Black Ion options.

What Mizuno say:

“A first edition of the new Mizuno M Craft putters line that lives up to Mizuno’s reputation for producing equipment of absolute precision and feedback.

“Forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel, then CNC milled to create the most precise shape and alignment. With three initial classic shapes in three striking finishes and additional weight kit to adjust to a variety of putting conditions.

“At a weighty 355 grams, M Craft’s head promotes a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke.”

Mizuno M Craft 1 Putter Review

The Mizuno M Craft 1 putter is the first of the traditional blade options, and features the milled face.

The design is a square back with mid slant neck and will suit golfers with an “exaggerated putting arc” due to the face the hosel features a max toe-hang.

Like the other designs in the range, it is available in all three colour options.

Mizuno M Craft 2 Putter Review

The M Craft 2 putter carried the classic heel-toe look with plumber’s neck and is the most traditional of the three new putters.

It features a mid toe-hang and provides the perfect option for golfers with a moderate putting arc.

Mizuno M Craft 3 Putter Review

The only mallet option the range, the M Craft 3 putter is a mid-mallet in size with no large headed design available.

The putter is face balanced and is the option for golfers who putt with a slight arc stroke or with a straight back and through.

All three putters come with two 3 gram weights and two 13 gram weights which can be interchanged with the 8 gram fitted weights.

The weight kits ensure that the Mizuno M Craft putters offer the type of variety golfers are looking for in order to use a putter in all conditions.

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