Mizuno RB566 Series Ball Review

Unique 566 dimple pattern ball launched by Mizuno

The Mizuno RB566 Series Golf Ball is a unique new addition to the market offering the opportunity to add some hang time to your game.

The series features the RB566 and RB566V with the design being a unique 566 dimple pattern that Mizuno believe can help golfers take their game to the next level.

The pattern used on the new balls help prolong ball flight and the high energy core has been designed to elevate launch like never before in a Mizuno ball.

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What Mizuno say:

“Our next generation of soft compression golf balls. The RB566 and RB566V both feature a unique 566 dimple pattern for prolonged flight.

“Each with a large, high energy cores that reduce driver spin and elevate launch for a more efficient, stable performance.

“(The RB566 is) Mizuno’s softest compression ball matched with 566 micro-dimple design – engineered to delay the rate of descent past the apex of flight. Stable, mid trajectory with the driver and nimble around the greens.

“(The RB566V is) a soft compression, 3 piece construction for increased velocity at launch. With a unique 566 D-dimple design engineered to delay the rate of descent past the apex of flight. A slightly higher launch angle and nimble around the greens.”

Mizuno RB566 Series Golf Ball Design

Mizuno have entered new ground with the 566 dimple design pattern for the RB566, but it is a combination they believe will offer golfers more carry and distance.

There are two options in the series – the RB566 and the RB566V. The principle is the same for both with the ball offering eye-catching hang time through the air.

The RB566 is aimed at all golfers in colder weather, and those with a mid to slow swing speed during the drier and warmer conditions of spring and summer months.

The large soft compression core of the RB566 helps provide a straighter and more consistent ball flight, while the Ionomer cover offers feel without affecting durability.

The RB566V is a 3-piece ball and an all-rounder for all conditions. The high energy core is a rubber butadiene design and produces increased ball speeds without sacrificing feel with your short game.

The balls are available in three colour options – white, yellow and orange.

Mizuno RB566 Series Golf Ball Verdict

The RB566 are an interesting concept and one golfers playing soft balls may wish to trial against their existing option.

The dimple design helps keep the ball in the air for longer, and with added distance. But the actual look of the RB566 might not be for everyone with the ball slightly different due to the dimples.

Both the RB566 and RB566V are both impressive all-rounders in terms of the feel and distance offered and will stand up against its rivals in performance.

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