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Home » Mizuno Pro 241 Irons Review (NEW Compact 2024 Model)

Mizuno Pro 241 Irons Review (NEW Compact 2024 Model)

Mizuno Pro 241 Irons Review

Mizuno Pro 241 irons have been unveiled as a top class newcomer for 2024, with the new model the most compact yet from Mizuno.

The Pro 241 newcomer will be the successor to the hugely popular Pro 221, but significantly is the most compact iron that Mizuno have produced.

The 241 model will be a new addition for 2024 and launched along with the Pro 243 and Pro 245 irons following a teaser announcement from Mizuno. The new Pro Fli-Hi irons have also been launched.

Below we run through what we know about the Pro 241 irons, how they differ from the Pro 221 and what performance gains you can expect.

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Mizuno Pro 241 Irons Specs & Design

Mizuno have taken their top performing blade in the Pro series and made them even more compact in the new 241 model.

The forged muscleback blades have a smaller club head than in any previous version, giving elite and low-handicap golfers a sublime iron for ball striking and workability.

Mizuno Pro Series Irons

Made from forged 1025E mild carbon steel, Mizuno have shortened the length of the blade from 6-iron through to pitching wedge.

Mizuno have also made a key design tweak with more mass placed behind the sweet spot and hitting zone to deliver increased ball speeds vs the 221.

The design changes means that the 241s have a slightly thicker look, but that is balanced out by a thinner topline for a still pleasing blade look from address.

Mizuno Pro 241 Irons

The center of gravity has also been elevated in the new irons, helping to increase spin levels from the players’ model and give a significant boost to the shot-shaping capabilities.

They are expected to be available in 3-iron (21 degrees) to Pitching Wedge (46 degrees).

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Verdict: Are Mizuno Pro 241 irons any good?

First things first, the 241 irons are for elite and low-handicap golfers only. If that’s not you, consider the more forgiving 243 or 245 instead.

Mizuno have made some notable changes to this model compared to the 221s and you will love just how easier the blades are to shape your shots with.

The smaller clubhead in length really catches the eye, while the power provided from the moving of weight behind the face and increase in spin levels add to the appeal.


What is the Mizuno Pro 241 Irons release date?

The new irons were unveiled in October 2023 and will go on general sale from January 2024.

How much do Mizuno Pro 241 Irons cost?

The irons are expected to retail for around $200 per club.

What are the Mizuno Pro 241 specs?

They are expected to be available in 3-iron (21 degrees) to Pitching Wedge (46 degrees).

What Mizuno says about the Pro 241 irons:

“Built upon the long-standing connection between Mizuno’s club engineers and its exclusive Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan.

“A relationship which enables increasingly sophisticated designs to be crafted flawlessly into finished equipment.

“We’ve broken a lot of the boundaries that held back the ball speed of a forging. We’ve worked through it with materials and with processes to overcome a lot of the forging limitations.

“Every one of these irons is Grain Flow Forged, at least in the face and neck, if not more than that. We’re forging COR into the golf club as opposed to forging a part of a high-COR golf club.”