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Home » Mizuno Pro 245 Irons Review (MUSCLEBACKS With Added Forgiveness)

Mizuno Pro 245 Irons Review (MUSCLEBACKS With Added Forgiveness)

Mizuno Pro 245 Irons Review

Mizuno Pro 245 irons have been unveiled with the new 2024 design combining the beauty of a muscleback with the forgiveness of a cavity back.

The 245 model is a new for 2024 and launched along with the Pro 241 and Pro 243 irons following a teaser announcement from Mizuno. The Fli-Hi driving irons are also being upgraded.

The Pro 245 newcomer replaces the Pro 225 are the most forgiving option of the series, but they remain a stunning muscleback that can be combined with the Pro 223.

Below we run through what we know about the Pro 245 irons, how they differ from the Pro 225 and what performance gains you can expect.

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Mizuno Pro 245 Irons Specs & Design

The Pro245 from Mizuno once again feature the Hotel Metal Blade design with the changes from the 225 model subtle rather than significant.

Mizuno have opted for the same blend of soft stainless steel body, tungsten weighting and Chromium molybdenum steel forged face for what it describes as “chromoly distance and delightful feel of soft iron”.

Mizuno Pro Series Irons

The design is a compact muscleback blade, but the tungsten weighing (1.6 times more than the Pro 225) in this model helps provide the forgiveness that sets it apart – as well as towering ball flight.

The weight is positioned to lower the center of gravity, which helps generate the added trajectory in this iron.

With the Hot Metal Blade face too, the Pro 245s deliver faster ball speeds than previous models including the MP-20 thanks to a high-speed zone for the sweet spot.

Mizuno Pro 245 Irons

Mizuno have also made the sole in the Pro 245 irons thicker with this move also helping to extract more ball speed.

They are expected to be available in 4-iron (22 degrees) to Gap Wedge (51 degrees).

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Verdict: Are Mizuno Pro 245 irons any good?

The Pro 245 irons are the most forgiving of this range, yet they still offer the impressive blade performance that shot shapers love.

Mizuno Pro 245 Irons

Still best suited to elite to low-handicap golfers, the increased forgiveness opens them to the mid-handicap markets who are looking for a reliable perfomer.

One thing that sets these out from the other models in the Pro range is the towering ball flight, which coupled with the hot face speeds makes them a real all-rounder.


What is the Mizuno Pro 245 Irons release date?

The new irons were unveiled in October 2023 and will go on general sale from January 2024.

How much do Mizuno Pro 245 Irons cost?

The irons are expected to retail for around $200 per club.

What are the Mizuno Pro 245 specs?

They are expected to be available in 4-iron (22 degrees) to Gap Wedge (51 degrees).

What Mizuno says about the Pro 425 irons:

“Built upon the long-standing connection between Mizuno’s club engineers and its exclusive Grain Flow Forging plant in Hiroshima, Japan.

“A relationship which enables increasingly sophisticated designs to be crafted flawlessly into finished equipment.

Mizuno Pro 245 Irons

“We’ve broken a lot of the boundaries that held back the ball speed of a forging. We’ve worked through it with materials and with processes to overcome a lot of the forging limitations.

“Every one of these irons is Grain Flow Forged, at least in the face and neck, if not more than that. We’re forging COR into the golf club as opposed to forging a part of a high-COR golf club.”