Nextlite Pro Thestron Golf Shoe Review

The Nextlite shoes offer breathability and are incredibly lightweight

Nextlite Pro Thestron Golf Shoe

The Nextlite Pro Thestron golf shoe is a new addition to the market for 2020 providing comfort and performance enhancing grip and stability.

The spikeless summer shoe, which is similar in design to the popular Skechers range, is built around a non-slip base to provide traction and stability in even wet conditions.

Marketed by Bunker Less Golf, the Nextlite shoes feature a Thestron waterproof mesh in the design for breathability and an incredibly lightweight finish and unrivalled comfort.

About the Nextlite Pro Thestron Golf Shoe

“The new 2020 Nextlite Pro with Thestron Mesh technology is lightweight and breathable yet supportive enough to provide stability throughout your swing and a solid, shock-absorbing base.

“Our breathable waterproof construction will keep your feet dry on those early morning tee times. Guaranteed to keep you playing at your best all day.

“Using our patent pending Waterproof Mesh technology guarantees your feet are dry and breathable, for a comfortable round guaranteed

“As golfers ourselves, we know how important it is to be comfortable behind every shot we take, so we designed the lightest shoe possible for comfort from the 1st Tee to the 18th Green

“Solid contact but your unstable footing causes you to slice or hook the ball? Using our maximum shock-absorbing technology ensures you stay grounded, providing stability throughout your swing.”

Nextlite Pro Thestron Shoe Design

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