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Official Golf Balls Review

OG Golf Balls

Official Golf Balls come with technology that promises to help you improve alignment and hole more putts. Do OG golf balls work?

The OG balls come with a big promise because Official Golf have trademarked the “NeverMiss” putt line that is all around the centre of each ball.

The line may be something you’ve added to your ball as an alignment aid on your golf balls, but with the these balls that line comes as standard around the entire ball.

The 3-piece balls have a polyurethane outer sphere with a 332-dimple design and provide ultimate distance as well as green side control.

What Official Golf Balls say about the OG Golf Balls:

“Official Golf Balls have been engineered to give you that extra distance while reducing side spin to help you stay on line.

“The difference between a round, and a great round, can often be the distance you pick up from the Tee and the amount of 1 or 2 putts that you make.

“The NeverMiss Putt Line is a huge tool to help you one and two putt your way around the course as you have alignment from the ball to the hole.”

Official Golf Balls Design

OG Golf Balls
OG Golf Balls

Official Golf Balls Verdict

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