OnCore Elixr Golf Ball Review (TOUR Quality Three-Piece Ball)

The Elixr is a tour quality ball at a fraction of the price

OnCore Elixr balls are a 3-piece tour ball at a snip of the price.

OnCore Elixr Ball

The OnCore Elixr golf ball is an impressive three-piece ball available at a fraction of the price of similar models. How does it rate and perform on the course?

Featuring a new 350-dimple pattern inside an 84 compression three-piece core, the 2022 Elixr update is a ball for mid-to-low handicap golfers looking for low spin from the tee and a soft feel around the greens.

The Elixr is described as a ball for players seeking tour qualify performance with the price tag, and the end result is a quality ball that helps get the most from your game all round the course.

We take a look at how it performs, whether or not the ball suits your game and discuss if it is value for money.

What OnCore says about the Elixr ball:

“The enhanced OnCore ELIXR golf ball features the same three-piece construction and proprietary perimeter weighting as the original.

“But we’ve modified and enhanced the polybutadiene core for higher ball speed with even more carry and roll.

OnCore Elixr Ball

“A firmer cover with a 350-dimple pattern (up from 318) and mid-compression delivers a pure feel off the club face and gives the new ELIXR superior greenside control, durability and unmatched performance in its category.”

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OnCore Elixr Golf Ball Design & Features

The OnCore Elixr golf ball is a well-rounded ball that performs well in various aspects of the game.

OnCore Elixr Ball

The Elixr ball is a three-piece ball with a cast urethane cover, offering an mass market construction that suits the game of the many rather than the few.

The ball, which has an average compression of 84, is designed for golfers with a swing speed of 80-95 mph and has a relatively soft feel.

The Elixr has 350 dimple pattern on the 2022 version and a TPU (injection-molded) urethane cover, which produces a mid to high launch angle for an ideal ball flight to maximise carry distances.

OnCore Elixr Ball

The cover is marginally firmer than that of the original 2020 version, helping to increase the overall compression from 78 to 84.

OnCore have improved the performance for low driver spin levels, at the same time as good spin levels and control around the greens from wedge play.

The ball is sold in white colour option only.

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Verdict: Are Oncore Elixr Golf Balls any good?

The OnCore Elixr ball made the Gold Digest Hot List in 2019 and is a two-time gold winner for a reason – because this is a high-performing model.

They are a smart performing ball with low spin off the tee and good feel and softness when it comes to approach play around the greens.

This is OnCore’s all-round performer suited to the majority of golfers and comes in at a reasonable price for a upper middle end of the market ball.


How much do OnCore Elixr balls cost?

The price of a dozen Elixr balls is around at $30, making them value for money.

What is the compression of OnCore Elixr golf balls?

The Elixr has an average compression rating of 84 and is suitable for swing speeds of 80-95 mph.