Ping G400 Drivers Review

The G400 drivers range features the G400, Max, LST and SFT models

Ping G400 Driver

The Ping G400 drivers come with the promise of being “straight, faster, longer” and providing more distance from the tee.

Part of the popular G series of drivers, the driver is accompanied by fairway woods, irons and hybrids in the G400 range and features four separate models – the G400, G400 Max, G400 SFT and G400 LST.

Ping are striving to keep pace with rival brands Callaway, Mizuno, TaylorMade and Titleist, and the G400 driver stands up as a high class driver which now sits underneath the G410 driver in the range.

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What Ping say about the G400 drivers:

“The G400 drivers’ streamlined shape offers a big advancement in aerodynamics and stability.

“The multi-material design combines reduced drag and a thinner, stronger, faster T9S+ forged face to increase speed and distance.

“With a combined MOI over 9,000 and a deep CG, improved accuracy leads to tighter dispersion.”

Ping G400 Drivers Design

The Ping G400 driver has some subtle changes from previous models of the G range of drivers thanks to a slightly altered head shape which is more rounded at the back.

The reworking of the shape has created more streamlined aerodynamics to reduce drag by around 15% and produce more speed through impact.

The turbulators on top of the crown help create that greater aerodynamic efficiency and that ultimately translates to distance, something every single golfer is searching for from the tee.

Ping G400 Driver

The G400 models are also Ping’s most forgiving drivers yet with the CG now in the “deepest location in golf” according to the manufacturers.

The back weight in the G400 allows you to customise the driver to suit your swing, altering the launch angle by up to a degree up or down. The loft can also be changed through the adjustable hosel, to create an impressively flexible driver.

In the range are the G400, G400 Max, G400 SFT and G400 LST with all offering slightly different performances.

The G400 is tunsten-weighted and has a forged face for more speed and more forgiveness, while the G400 Max is the choice for adding distance and stability from the tee.

Ping G400 LST Driver

The G400 LST is know as Low Spin Technology with the tunsten weighting closer to the face to promote low spin levels, and the G400 SFT has Straight Flight Technology thanks to heel-side weight which creates draw bias in the driver.

G400 Drivers Verdict

The G400 range of drivers is the most comprehensive yet from Ping with four models offering just about everything golfers could need.

From the standard version to other models offering low spin or straighter flight, the G400 drivers really do cover a lot of basis when it comes to the technology each offers.

Ping G400 SFT Driver

You can expect to find a little more distance if you’re switching to the G400s and more forgiveness too. They should you get more from your game and are a pretty impressive set of drivers.

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Which is the best Ping G400 Driver?

Of the four models, the best will be the one most suited to your game. The standard G400 is the all-round choice, but you can take advantage of low spin levels in the LST, a straighter flight in the SFT or maximum distance in the G400 Max.

What’s the difference between G400 drivers?

The key differences all come down to the weight. The G400 model has the weighting set in the natural position for a low centre of gravity. The adjustable G400 Max has the largest club head of the quartet and the weighting features a higher-density backweight for the highest MOI in the range. The G400 LST has the weights closer to the face to generate lower spin levels but has the heaviest club head as a result, and the G400 SFT has heel-side weight to create a draw bias and straight shots for golfers who struggle with a fade or slice.

What are the G400 drivers specs?

LoftAdjustabilityLengthAverage Lie AngleHead WeightHead SizeSwingweight
9.0°±1.0°45 3/4"58.00°206.0g445ccD3
10.5°±1.0°45 3/4"58.00°206.0g445ccD3
G400 Max
9.0°±1.0°45 3/4"58.00°206.0g460ccD3
10.5°±1.0°45 3/4"58.00°206.0g460ccD3
G400 SFT
10.0°±1.0°45 3/4"58.00°203.0g445ccD1
12.0°±1.0°45 3/4"58.00°203.0g445ccD1
G400 LST
8.5°±1.0°45 3/4"57.00°208.0g445ccD4
10.0°±1.0°45 3/4"57.00°208.0g445ccD4

How much do Ping G400 drivers cost?

The G400 drivers price varies from retailer to retailer and can be purchased anywhere between £200-£350 ($250-$440). You can find the best prices available here.