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Ping G430 Drivers Review (NEW for 2023)

Ping G430 Drivers

Ping G430 drivers have been unveiled with the new addition to the market featuring four models in the range.

The new G430s feature four new drivers with new versions of the Max, LST (Low Spin Technology) and SFT (Straight Flight Technology) drivers that also appeared in the G425 drivers series.

They are joined by a new HL (High Launch) model in the complete G430 series, which replaces the G425s as the number one Ping club and also features fairway woods, hybrids and irons.

In this article, we assess the new technologies and designs used in the G430 drivers, how each model differs and what you can expect if adding these to your bag.

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What Ping says about the Ping G430 drivers series:

“We took the game’s most forgiving driver (that also ranks as one of the longest) and made the Max even longer, while producing a more pleasing sound.

“A new face-design optimization leads to increased flexing for a big distance gain, and a 25-gram moveable backweight positions the CG to influence shot shape.

“If you generate a lot of clubhead speed and rely on a more penetrating trajectory, the 440cc LST accelerates ball speed with reduced spin.

Ping G430 Max Driver

“Key contributors being a new Carbonfly Wrap and a newly optimized face featuring Spinsistency, combining for longer drives with a more pleasing impact experience.

“If you have a right-miss tendency off the tee (RH golfers), a CG-shifting backweight that’s moveable into Draw and Draw+ settings provides up to 20 yards of right-to-left shot correction in the SFT.

“Introducing the G430 HL (High Launch) build, a new full-set custom option for slower-swing-speed golfers. Custom engineered with lighter head weights, shaft and grip, the overall system is lighter so you’ll swing faster and generate more ball speed.”

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Ping G430 Max Driver Review

The Ping G430 Max is the latest generation of the manufacturer’s standard driver, offering improved performance on the G425 which preceded it.

Ping have kept the Titanium crown in the Max model and not switched this one to carbon, but an increase in MOI means this is the most forgiving 460cc Ping driver yet.

Ping G430 Max Driver

It once again boasts a T9S+ Forged Face, while the key VFT Face (Variable Face Thickness) has been made six per cent thinner than the G425 for improved ball speeds.

Behind the face, internal ribs are now present to enhance the sound and acoustics as well as reduce vibrations on impact.

Spinsistency technology is also carried over to this model with this key element helping to generate consistency spin levels and maximum carry distances.

Ping G430 Max Driver

There is also a 25g tungsten sliding weight at the back of the head for maximum adjustability in terms of setup, allowing this driver to be adapted to suit a fade, draw or neutral shot preference.

The Max driver is available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees with eight separate hosel adjustments once again.

Ping G430 LST Driver Review

The Ping G430 LST is the Low Spin Technology version of this driver and it now has a Carbon crown in the new release.

The switch to Carbonfly wrap in the low-spinning driver has allowed Ping to save weight and lower the centre of gravity and add even more forgiveness to the LST model.

Ping G430 LST Driver

The Carbonfly technology, made from an eight-layer, one-piece composition, wraps the heel and toe to the skirt and helps make 4g of weight savings.

The T9S+ forged face is retained to accelerate face flexing for more distance in the G430 LST driver, which was launched with faster-swing speed golfers in mind.

The VFT Face (Variable Face Thickness) has been made six per cent thinner in this latest model, and the Spinsistency technology is also carried over for improve and consistency ball striking.

Ping G430 LST Driver

The LST has retained the slightly more pear-shaped look from the G425 version and has been made slightly smaller than the G425 with a 440cc club head in this model.

The adjustable weight at the back, which can be set to neutral, draw or fade, is also retained in the new G430 version with the tungsten weighing 22g in this model.

The LST driver is available in 9 degrees or 10.5 degrees with eight separate hosel adjustment options.

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Ping G430 SFT Driver Review

The Straight Flight Technology (SFT) option has been incredibly popular in the G410 drivers and G425 drivers, and it is back again in the 2023 model.

A more rounded club head like the Max model, this SFT now has a moveable 22g tungsten weight compared to the fixed one that appeared in the G425.

Ping G430 SFT Driver

The SFT remains a draw-biased driver designed to eliminate a slice, fade or left-to-right shot and produce a much straight ball flight.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the tungsten weight can be positioned in either Draw or Draw+ positions.

The new T9S+ forged flexing face is part of the design in this driver, along with the now thinner VFT Face (Variable Face Thickness) for faster ball speeds.

Ping G430 SFT Driver

Ping have also included the Spinsistency technology for enhanced consistency from across the face, as well as improved the sound and reduced vibrations with new internal ribs.

The SFT is available in only 10.5 degrees loft but does have eight separate hosel adjustment options.

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Ping G430 HL Drivers Review

There is also a G430 HL Max Driver in the new range that is joined by fairways, hybrids and irons and targeted at golfers with slower than average swing speeds.

Featuring a lighter 11g backweight, it is suited to golfers with slower swing speeds with the lightweight design aimed at generating more clubhead speed for maximum distance.

The HL drivers are available in both the Max and SFT models with the light weight replacing the standard weight. Otherwise, the drivers are identical.

Verdict: Are Ping G430 drivers any good?

On first impressions, the new G430 are an interesting new addition to the market as Ping look to improve on the impressive G425s.

The interesting move to opt for a Titanium club head in the standard Max model, but make a move to a Carbonfly wrap club head in the LST version.

The drivers have the classic Ping look and feel to them and there are incremental gains made from the previous model. They look set for a bright future in 2023 as longer and more consistent than the G425s.

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What is the Ping G430 drivers release date?

The new drivers were unveiled in January 2023 and will go on general sale in February.

How much do the Ping G430 drivers cost?

The price of the new drivers is between $700-$600 / £575-£499.

Which is the best Ping G430 driver?

All three main models offer something different in terms of ball flight, shot shape and adjustability. From the low-spinning of the LST to the straight flight of the SFT to the standard set up of the Max, you will find an option to suit your game. The HL is an interesting addition with a lighter weight in the Max and SFT versions for slower swing speed golfers.

What are the Ping G430 drivers specs?

The Max driver is available in 9 degrees, 10.5 degrees and 12 degrees, the LST driver is available in 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees and the SFT in 10.5 degrees only.