Qwik Fold Golf Trolley Review

The Qwik Fold Golf Trolley is one of them most popular push carts

How does the 3-wheel Qwik Golf Push Cart rate and perform?

Qwik Fold Golf Trolley

The Qwik Fold Golf Trolley from SkyMax is one of the most popular push carts on the market. How does it rate and just how compact is the folded trolley?

While there has been a trend towards electric trolleys and battery-powered carts, the push variety still has a strong hold in the marketplace – not least because they are much more affordable.

The Qwik Fold golf cart is a 3-wheel design that folds down to a very compact trolley that fits in almost any car boot or trunk.

Qwik Fold 3-Wheel Trolley Design & Features

The Qwik Fold Golf Trolley features a traditional 3-wheel design with the push cart having foot brakes to lock it in place when at a standstill.

SkyMax have come up with a lightweight aluminium frame design that is both rigid and strong to provide stress-free golf on all types of terrains.

Qwik Fold Golf Trolley

The handle is fully adjustable and can be set at a comfortable height to suit each golfer. A detachable umbrella stand can be added to the handle, along with a small storage box under the handle ideal for scorecard, tees and pencils.

The wheels are designed at 10 inches for the back two and nine inches for the front wheel, providing the kind of stability you are after – particularly on undulating courses. The back wheels are 16 inches apart.

The trolley is suitable to use with all types of golf bags. From carry bags with the legs tucked away to the biggest of cart bags, they will fit on the trolley with little problem or movement when strapped in place.

Qwik Fold Golf Trolley

This model folds down to an incredibly compact size, making it suitable for golfers with even the smallest of cars. A press of the button on the trolley folds it into the compact mode, while lifting the handle erects it.

The trolley is available in a number of colour options including white frame and black frame, with white, blue, red or orange wheels.

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Verdict: Is the Qwik Fold Golf Trolley any good?

As far as push trolleys go, the Qwik Fold ticks a lot of boxes. Compact, easy to fold and erect and extremely lightweight, it has a lot going for it.

Qwik Fold Golf Trolley

The price makes it equally attractive to golfers in the market for a new push cart with this model ranking highly against similar models.

The fact it is push rather than battery means it won’t be for everyone. You still need to use up energy pushing it around the course. But if you don’t mind pushing, then you should seriously consider this as an option.


How much does a Qwik Fold Golf Trolley cost?

The Qwik Fold Push Golf Cart is sold at prices varying from £149 to £260 / $205 to $357 depending on the retailer.

Does the Qwik Fold Push Trolley have a break?

Yes, it comes with a break on the left wheel.

What type of bag fits on the Qwik Fold Push Golf Trolley?

It is suitable for all types of bags. A stand bag fits on without problems should you not want to carry, and sizes up to a large cart bag fit comfortably.