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Best Golf Courses in Abu Dhabi

Best Golf Courses in Abu Dhabi

Looking to play the best golf courses in Abu Dhabi? picks out the top courses to play in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has a dry and arid climate. The summer is long and difficult for most people to deal with. However, the winters are much more comfortable and make a betting time to visit golf courses in United Arab Emirates.

If you are planning an Abu Dhabi golf vacation to this part of the world, then in the summertime you may want to explore night-time golfing if you are not comfortable with sweltering daytime temperatures.

Otherwise, wintertime golfing may be the best option for you. The annual low for this city will be about 13C and the annual high will be about 44C.

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In our recommendations for this city, we include two nine-hole golf courses and three 18-hole courses. The latter courses could be noted for their lengths, especially the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club’s course, one that is almost 7,800 total yards.

Our top picks for the best golf courses in Abu Dhabi are:

Yas Links Abu Dhabi Golf Course

Yas Links Golf Club

The Yas Links course is part of the Troon family of venues and is a modern design, having only opened in 2010. However, the UAE is a region that has not been noted for historical courses.

The Yas Links course has, nonetheless, made a big impression on the world of golf in little more than a decade of being opened.

Yas Links is often included in “best” lists for the city of Abu Dhabi, the country of UAE, and even the greater region and is ranked No. 48 in the world by Golf Digest.

Playing as a par-72 venue, it is lengthy at 7,425 yards with facilities that include an amazing clubhouse, swimming, practice ranges, a spa (for men), and a 9-hole course.

Kyle Phillips, a noted golf-course designer, designed the Yas Links Golf Course in Abu Dhabi. His resume includes work at the Heron Lakes Golf Club in Portland, Oregon, and the Antognolla Golf Club in Perugia, Italy.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club – National Course

Abu Dhabi Golf Club

The National Course at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club is very lengthy. A par-72 challenge that opened in 1998, the course is 7,600 in total yards.

Peter Harradine designed this course, taking a stretch of desert and turning it into a symbol of golf in this arid region. It is note for the unique clubhouse design.

The club, which has hosted the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship, offers an extensive floodlight system. This enables golfers to partake in their sport at dusk in a well-lit area.

The course is largely regarded as a difficult course, making it the best one of the two at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club for the stronger amateurs.

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

Abu Dhabi City Golf Club

The Abu Dhabi City Golf Club offers tourists a public course that is 3,083 yards in length and a par of 35.

It’s only a 9-hole course, however, another attraction in the area is Mangrove National Park.

This course is very central in Abu Dhabi and is the oldest one in the area, dating back to 1976.

Ian Scott Taylor designed the course, an architect who has also done extensive work in the USA, including work on the Stanley Golf Course in New Britain, Connecticut.

Evening-time golfing is more of a past-time here than in other regions and the Abu Dhabi City Golf Club offers this service.

Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

The golf course at the Saadiyat Beach Golf Club opened in 2010 with Gary Player designing a course with rare length, a par-72 at 7,784 yards.

You won’t come across too many venues in your life that are longer than this championship course, which is another falling under the Troon banner.

It’s located not far from the town center of Adu Dhabi in an area known as Saadiyat Island. In an area where most golf courses are still fairly new, this one was the first in the Arabian Gulf to be set beachfront.

Expect to enjoy some glistening ocean views at a venue that has hosted a tour event in women’s golf.

Abu Dhabi Golf Club – Garden Course

Abu Dhabi Golf Club Garden Course

The Abu Dhabi Golf Club is located due west of the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It features two courses, including the Garden Course which opened in the year 2000.

This is a par-36 9-hole course at a distance of 3,341 yards and Peter Harradine designed the course as a “desert style” venue.

Despite its relatively short length, there are two par-5s on the Garden Course that each measure over 500 yards in length.