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Snell Golf Balls Review

Snell Golf Balls

Snell golf balls are the brainchild of Dean Snell, a designer of some of the most notable balls in play, and they have been making an impact on the market in recent years.

Snell Golf is a fairly new company, set up in 2015 by Snell after years working in the Research and Development teams of Titleist and TaylorMade where he help bring the likes of the ProV1, Penta and Tour Preferred to the game.

Snell golf balls feature the MTB-X and MTB Black ranges with high-performance the promise if you start playing these relatively unheard of balls from an up-and-coming brand.

What Snell says about the MTB golf balls:

“The team at Snell Golf has one mission: to bring tour calibre equipment to the amateur golfer at an affordable price. Our experience in R&D, along with our strategic manufacturing partnership and direct to consumer distribution model, allow us to do just that.

“Snell golf balls are designed by Dean Snell. After 28 years of experience working in research and development for companies like Titleist and Taylormade, Dean’s name is now on 40 ball patents and he is the inventor or co inventor of the Pro V1, Professional, Penta and Tour Preferred.”

Snell MTB-X Balls Review

Snell MTB-X

The Snell MTB-X balls are the traditional white version and come with the promise of being a “high-performaning” product.

The MTB-X has a 3-piece design with a smaller core and it is all about providing superior distance with low spin rates and faster ball speeds.

The design of the ball features a thicker and firmer mantle layer which produces increased spin on mid and short iron approaches to greens.

Snell’s MTB-X ball has a firmer overall feel than the MTB Black model, and can help make short-game gains with the urethane cover providing more control, feel and durability than ever before.

Snell has also worked on aerodynamics to produce a lower and more penetrating ball light and reduce what they call “ballooning” in windy conditions.

Snell MTB Black Balls Review

Snell MTB Black

The Snell MTB Black ball is sold as the Optic Yellow – because that is exactly what they colour they are. So you may see them for sale as MTB Black Optic Yellow.

The MTB Black range is the upgraded version of the original Snell MTB design and now boasts a 7 per cent lower compression core to help provide maximum distance off the tee.

Snell have also worked on lowering spin levels when using the driver too in order to extract more distance than the original version of the MTB ball.

A 3-piece construction like the MTB-X, the MTB Black balls come with a 360 dimple pattern on a urethane cover which has been designed for short game control and feel without sacrificing durability.

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