Sqairz Golf Shoes Review

A square toed shoe, the Sqairz can add distance and swing speed to your game

A unique square toe design is the selling point of the Sqairz shoes.

Sqairz Golf Shoes

Sqairz golf shoes are an interesting concept designed to add distance and ball speed to your game. Can a golf shoe really extract those gains?

The Sqairz golf shoes are designed like no other and, as the name suggests, are square in looks in the toe. The front of the shoe has been created square rather than with traditional curves.

The idea behind the square golf shoes is to create a wide sole with more ground coverage, which in turn adds to stability and allows golfers to swing faster and harder with confidence. Do they work or is this a gimmick?

What Sqairz say about the golf shoe:

“Sqairz with its unique square toe design has the widest base under the ball of the foot and most ground coverage to effectuate a more efficient energy exchange, and proven to increase in swing speed and distance.

“The square toe design allows the toes to sit naturally in the shoes for extraordinary comfort and better balance and stability resulting in more accuracy.

Sqairz Golf Shoes

“Our outsole (bottom of the shoe) has greatest amount of ground surface area coverage providing added balance, stability and a more efficient energy exchange called ground reaction force.

“This patented design is proven to provide to increase swing speed and distance.”

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Sqairz Golf Shoes Design & Features

The big design element to the Sqairz golf shoes is the patented square toe, which is unlike an other model you will have seen.

The wide front to these shoes allows the toes to spread rather than be confined by space, and increase comfort on the course.

The big plus to the square design is the coverage on the turf and the fact it creates a wide fitting shoe with an increased base under the ball of the foot.

Sqairz Golf Shoes

The design is all about providing maximum stability and balance through the swing. As a result, Sqairz shoes also feature larger outsole and can help increase swing speed and distance.

A TPU heel stabilizer runs from the heel into the arch of the foot to help keep the heel down throughout the swing, and six replaceable Pivix Softspikes add even more traction.

The outer is made from a premium synthetic leather and includes Sta-Put laces to lock your foot in place for added stability.

For comfort, the shoes have an EVA foam midsole for maximum cushioning as well as a breathable foam padded collar and tongue.

The shoes are available in three different models: the Speed (black/grey, white/silver, grey/black, pink), Freedom (black/grey, white/silver, grey/white, pink) and Arrow (America’s sole, Country sole, white/navy, black/grey, grey, white/red).

Sqairz Golf Shoes

Verdict: Are Sqairz Golf Shoes any good?

The Sqairzs are an attractive pair of golf shoes and certainly appeal on looks in terms of quality and style.

A spiked set, they are suitable for all round golf but are perhaps a little expensive in terms of price tag compared to some better known brands.

The square toe design is interesting and certainly adds to the comfort with a wide fit. It is hard to quantify any gains you do get in terms of swing speed and distance, as Sqairz market these by, but they are a decent shoe in their own right.


How much do Sqairz golf shoes cost?

The shoes are priced at $199 per pair although can be purchased for around $169 with some retailers.

What colours are available in the Sqairz golf shoes?

The Speed model is sold in black/grey, white/silver, grey/black and pink. The Freedom shoes comes in black/grey, white/silver, grey/white and pink colourways. The Arrow model is in America’s sole, Country sole, white/navy, black/grey, grey and white/red options.

Do Sqairz golf shoes come with a warranty?

Yes. They come with a two year waterproof warranty. They are also covered by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.