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Srixon Distance Golf Balls Review

Srixon Distance Balls

The Srixon Distance golf balls is one of the best-sellers and most popular around, but just how does it perform on the course?

A firm two-piece ball, the Distance model does exactly what it promises and adds more yards or metres to your game.

The compression of 89 makes it one of the firmer balls on the market and it does lack a little feel and softness around the greens, but it is an ideal choice for more distance off the tee and fairways.

What Srixon says about the Distance golf ball:

“It’s all in the name: the Srixon Distance golf ball goes far. Whether off the tee or from the fairway, hitting woods or irons, Distance helps all your shots carry farther and puts you in position to score.

“FastLayer Core with a soft center that gradually becomes firmer around its edges, the FastLayer delivers both speed and great feel. The result is distance without compromise.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls

“A 324 dimple pattern has aerodynamically tuned dimples slice through wind, keeping your ball on line and maximising distance.

“A thin ionomer cover delivers ample greenside spin yet is durable enough to last shot after shot.”

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Srixon Distance Golf Balls Design & Features

The Distance golf ball has a two-piece construction with a compression of 89, making it a firm ball with a higher initial velocity relative to most golf balls on the market.

This ball has Srixon’s Energetic Gradient Growth core, which helps facilitate great trajectories while reducing spin off of the tee for an improved distance.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls

This is a ball all about producing more carry, more distance and more yardage.

The cover is a durable ionomer and has 324 dimples to help assist in windy conditions and make it as aerodynamic as possible for maximum distance.

The Srixon Distance balls are available in white.

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Verdict: Are Srixon Distance Golf Balls any good?

The Distance ball is aimed at two types of golfers, a newcomer or beginner still developing his or her game or one in them market for a cheap range of balls.

Srixon Distance Golf Balls

The Srixon Distance fulfils both of those because it is incredibly good value first of all and an ideal choice for golfers looking for added distance to their driver and shots from the fairway.

If you don’t have the need for stopping balls quickly on the green or for extracting spin from your short game, then the distance is a great choice. It is easy to see why these golf balls are one of the best sellers online.

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How much do Srixon Distance golf balls cost?

The balls retails for £13-£20 / $17-$26 for a 12-pack.

What is the compression of a Srixon Distance golf ball?

The balls have a compression of 89, putting them at the firmer end of the golf ball sector.

How many dimples do Srixon Distance balls have?

The Distance balls are designed with a 324 dimple pattern to help generate more carry and distance.