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Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls Review

Srixon Z-Star Ball

Srixon Z-Star balls is the premium tour model and one in play with number of tour stars. How does it rate and how good is the performance?

The Z-Star is a three-piece ball and provided an optimal launch, solid distance and greenside spin in bucketloads. It is slightly softer than sister ball the Z-Star XV.

Srixon’s Z-Star is the company’s rival to the likes of the Titleist ProV1 and TaylorMade TP5 and stands up as one of the best tour-level options on the market.

What Srixon says about the Z-Star balls:

“From its molecules to its dimples, we’ve pushed every feature of the Z-Star to its limit. We stopped at nothing to achieve ultimate performance because we know you’ll do the same on every tee shot, chip, and putt.

“Maximize your greenside spin and enjoy ample distance performance, all with an exceptionally soft feel.

“Choose Z-Star if finesse around the greens and pinpoint approach shots are your keys to record low scores.

Srixon Z-Star Ball

“A re-engineered cover is more elastic for more bite at impact and even more spin and stopping power when hitting into greens.”

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Srixon Z-Star Balls Design & Features

Srixon’s Z-Star is a 3-piece ball offering a tour-level performance and the perfect combination in both distance and spin levels.

The Z-Star offers a soft feel, particular compared to the Z-Star XV, long distance off the tee and an optimal mid-trajectory ball flight.

The construction is a three-piece urethane ball, with the latest generation of the Z-Star having the thinnest cover at just 0.6 millimeters.

Srixon Z-Star Ball

Srixon’s dimple pattern totals 338 in the Z-Star and has improved the aerodynamics to maximise distance and extract extra yards.

The ball also boasts Srixon’s Spin Skin with SeRM (Slide-Ring Material) to increase control, reduce spin from the driver and increase it in your short game.

The Srixon Z-Star ball comes in either pure white or tour yellow colours.

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Verdict: Are Srixon Z-Star balls any good?

Add the Z-Stars to your bag and you’re likely to notice an immediate difference when it comes consistency of distance and spin on the greens.

They are impressively long but offer exceptional control too and are a reliable performer across all elements of the game.

A real plus point of the Z-Star ball is the price point with this tour-level performer. It comes in at a cheaper price than the likes of the Titleist Pro V1 or Callaway Chrome Soft, balls of a similar class.

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How much does the Srixon Z-Star ball cost?

A box of a dozen balls costs around £35.00 / $47.00.

What is the compression of a Srixon Z-Star golf ball?

The Z-Star is a three-piece ball and has a firm compression of 90.

How many dimples are on a Srixon Z-Star ball?

The Z-Star features a 338-dimple pattern.