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Titleist SM8 Vokey Wedges Review


Titleist SM8 Vokey Wedges have hit the market with the promise better accuracy and more forgiveness than ever before…but do they live up to the billing?

The new wedge were released in January 2020 after undergoing a validation process with PGA Tour stars having been first unveiled at the RSM Classic in Sea Island.

After successful feedback, six grind options of the Titleist SM8 Vokey wedges have hit the shelves to provide a better feel and ball flight from previous models.

What Titleist Said

“Every new design starts with our Tour Pros, so it’s only right that every launch begins with them, as well. Out here with these guys is my favorite place to be,” said Bob Vokey.

“I’ve been working with my team for years on this design, and it is always exciting to see and hear Tour players test new wedges.


“The early prototype work has been incredibly well received, and we look forward to players enjoying improved ball flight, feel, and overall better results.

“In all my years with Tour players, they consistently want equipment that produces the results they expect when making a great swing.

“We are constantly innovating to help these players hit it closer to the hole. We then customize the grinds to fit each player’s unique swing type. That’s been our DNA since I first started making wedges for Titleist.”

Titleist SM8 Vokey Wedges

A high density tungsten construction with the SM8 Vokeys has resulted in a more consistent strike on wedge shots from around the greens.

Golfers can expect to see impressive results thanks to a progressive centre of gravity which has improved the stability of the wedges as well as feel in your short game.

The Vokeys have the now familiar Spin Milled grooves on the face to help provide maximum spin on those crucial shots.

Titleist have come up with a huge array of loft (52-60 degrees) and grind options to ensure that all golfers can create the perfect combination of wedges in the bag.

Titleist SM8 Vokey Wedges

There are six grinds to choose from: the F Grind, an all-purpose grind, the M Grind for golfers who play with the club face in different positions, the S Grind for a faster feel through the turf, the D Grind which has a high bounce, the L Grind with the lowest bounce of the six, and the K Grind, an ideal bunker wedge with the highest bounce of all options.

Titleist SM8 Vokey Wedges Verdict

It is hard to think that Titleist could improve on the already impressive Vokey wedges. But they have managed to do so with the SM8 range.

Bob Vokey and his R&D team continue to discover technological advances to get even more out of the leading wedges. The feel of the SM8 wedges is better than ever before.

Titleist SM8 Vokey Wedges

The loft options mean filling the gaps between clubs is now easier than ever and the six grind options give the type of variety that golfers have been craving in their wedges.

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