What Is The Best Shaft For A Callaway Paradym Driver?

A look at the shaft options available with the Paradym driver

Five shaft options are available for the Paradym drivers.

Callaway Paradym Drivers

Wondering what is the best shaft for a Callaway Paradym driver? We have a complete guide to getting the right shaft for your swing speed.

The Paradym driver has been a huge hit since being launched at the start of 2023 with Jon Rahm among the tour stars to win with it in the bag.

The series is made up of the Paradym, Paradym X and Paradym Triple Diamond models.

The driver is suited to golfers of all abilities, but getting the right stiffness and flex to suit your swing speed it critical if the Paradym is to perform to it’s maximum potential.

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Choosing The Right Shaft For A Callaway Paradym Driver

Choosing the right shaft for your Callaway driver is essential to optimize your performance on the golf course.

Here are steps you can take to help you select the best shaft and ensure you know what is the best shaft for a Callaway Paradym driver and the one most suited to you.

Callaway Paradym Driver

Identify Your Swing Speed

Your swing speed is a critical factor in shaft selection. Slower swing speeds often benefit from shafts with higher flex (e.g., regular or senior flex), while faster swing speeds may need stiffer shafts (e.g., stiff or extra stiff flex).

Consider Shaft Flex

Shaft flex is a key determinant of how the shaft responds during your swing. The typical flex options include:

  • Ladies or A-Flex: Suitable for golfers with slow swing speeds.
  • Senior or R-Flex: For moderate swing speeds.
  • Regular or S-Flex: For average swing speeds.
  • Stiff or X-Flex: Best for golfers with fast swing speeds.

The type of flex will determine launch angle, spin levels and the ball speed generated depending on your swing speed.

Also consider that the loft applied via the adjustable Paradym hosel will also affect launch angle.

Get Professionally Fitted

The best way to find the right shaft is to get professionally fitted by a certified club fitter or visit a golf store with fitting services.

They have launch monitors and expertise to analyze your swing characteristics, such as clubhead speed, tempo, and launch angles, to recommend the ideal shaft for your game.

Test multiple shafts to see which one feels most comfortable and produces the desired ball flight. Pay attention to how the ball carries and rolls.

Many manufacturers, including Callaway, offer custom shaft options. If you have unique preferences or needs, explore these custom options with the help of a fitter.

Additionally, Callaway’s official website and customer service may have information on their latest club offerings and custom fitting options.

Callaway Paradym Driver Shaft Options

The Paradym drivers come with five different shaft options as standard to provide models that suit every type of golfer.

  • 1. Aldila Ascent PL Blue 40 Graphite (Light 40g shaft for high launch and mid spin)
  • 2. Project X Hzrdus GEN 4 Silver 50 Graphite (available in regular flex 50g and stiff 50g shaft with both delivering a mid launch and mid spin level)
  • 3. Project X Hzrdus GEN 4 Silver 60 Graphite (available in stiff 60g shaft for a mid launch and mid spin level)
  • 4. Project X Hzrdus GEN 4 Black 60 Graphite (available in stiff 60g and x-stiff 60g for a low launch and low spin level)
  • 5. Fujikura VentusTR Blue 60 Graphite (available in stiff 60g and x-stiff 60g for a low launch and mid spin level)