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Wilson Infinite Putters Review

Wilson Infinite Putter Range

The Wilson Infinite putters range features eight models in the latest version with a variety of eye-catching blade and mallets.

There is plenty of technological development gone into the design of the latest models, with Counterbalance Technology the key feature to help create a smoother and controlled putting stroke courtesy of a heavier head and grip weight.

Wilson believe that the balance point moves closer to the hands, giving you control on the putting green with the perforated pattern and oversized and heavier design construction of the grip contributing.

The range features the Windy City, Michigan Ave, Grant Park, South Side, Bean, Bucktown, West Loop and The L putters – named areas or landmarks connected to Chicago where Wilson are based in the United States.

All models have a classic black anti-glare finish, improved sight lines and a double milled face to help impact, roll and distance control.

Wilson Infinite Windy City Putter Review

Wilson Infinite Windy City

The Windy City is a traditional design blade putter and is incredibly attractive with a stunning black head. A slightly curved sole may not be to everyone’s liking, but what will be are the sight lines. There’s three of them to get alignment right and a horizontal aid to help ensure you are square at address.

Wilson Infinite Michigan Ave Putter Review

Wilson Infinite Michigan Ave

Another blade option in the Infinite range, the Michigan Ave has the larger head of the options. Again, the three sight lines and horizontal aid are in place on this mostly square edged version which offers confidence due to its larger head.

Wilson Infinite Grant Park Putter Review

Wilson Infinite Grant Park

The Grant Park is an attractive mid-mallet, which like the blades features the trio of sight lines and horizontal line too. The curved back means those lines are longer and may be beneficial for those who struggle with alignment.

Wilson Infinite South Side Putter Review

Wilson Infinite South Side

The choice of Wilson Staff tour star Padraig Harrington and a putter he used to claim PGA Tour victories. The South Side is a mid-mallet and features the shaft in the centre of the club head. As a result this one may not be suited to certain golfers who like to see face on ball through the putting stroke.

Wilson Infinite Bean Putter Review

Wilson Infinite Bean

The Bean is a full mallet that could help golfers struggling on the greens by develop confidence over the ball. The neck-bend hosel design doesn’t make it easy to get the club head square on impact immediately, and that may put some off from buying the Bean model, but it allows more of putter head to be visible.

Wilson Infinite Bucktown Putter Review

Wilson Infinite Bucktown

The Bucktown model has the same neck bend shaft as the Bean, but this one is a fang-style mallet. The performance is very similar to the Bean, but the style of putter will be the reason you opt for the Bucktown of its sister model, if you like fang teeth designs.

Wilson Infinite West Loop Putter Review

Wilson Infinite West Loop

The third of the blade options in the range, don’t let the West Loop name thing this is a rounded club head. It isn’t, it’s a large blade head. The putter head is longer than the Windy City and Madison Ave, and will be ideal for golfers who like a blade that can offer added confidence – particularly with the three sightlines.

Wilson The L Infinite Putter Review

Wilson Infinite The L

Another mallet and one with a unique putter head design. The L features an elongated mallet head, much longer than the others in the range, which is stepped and has rounded edges. Significantly it has a square hole in the head that gives it a supreme look. There are the same three sight lines present on all other models too.

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