Working as a Golf Instructor

How do golfers become golfing instructors?

What does working as a golf instructor actually entail?

Golf Instructor

Working as a golf instructor can be one of the most rewarding jobs. How do you get involved and what does a golf coach job entail?

As the name implies, golf instructors teach people to play golf. And this means just being good at the game won’t cut it. Teaching skills are also required, along with the general knowledge of the game and safety measures.

Most importantly, golf is an expensive game, and people willing to pay for the course and clubs will look for a certified trainer.

This means certification is necessary to work as a golf instructor. There are many ways to obtain the certification and various organizations that provide it in different countries.

It is of course not free to get certified and the courses will take some time.

Gold Instructor Responsibilities

Golf instructors usually work one-on-one with their clients or with small groups, usually up to four people.

The teaching process itself is relatively straightforward. Explaining and correcting the technique, going from one hole to the next, etc. There are a few important things to consider, such as the rent costs.

Unless you work for a club or golf course owner, there is a rent that varies between countries and may cost a significant fraction of your income.

Golf Instructor Salary

While salaries vary depending on the country, we will list the US data as the reference. Keep in mind that the average annual wage in the US is about $50,000, and median yearly wage is about $35,000.

The average certified instructor makes around $44,000 up to $65,000. It is a solid salary, accounting for all the benefits the job itself brings. It will take some time to grind from the lowest position, but it is possible.

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Where To Find A Job

Experienced instructors usually have networks of clients. For the first job, it is sensible to visit a hiring website and look for positions there.

At the time of writing this article, there are over 80,000 vacancies for golf coaches, with 25,000 of them opened over the last week.

It is a good starting point and will give you a good overview of the industry and particular job requirements for your country.

Career Prospects

Golf is not just a sport. For many, it is a leisure and a philosophy in some sense. It means there is unlikely to be a shortage of students that are willing to pay for a good coach and a course.

But this is not the ceiling of the opportunities. Knowledgeable professionals may coach not just private clients, but even PGA Tour stars.

It is also natural for an experienced coach to train others to be instructors. This may evolve into a training course or even a school. The career growth and business opportunities are there, but they all take time.

Ideas & Suggestions

Many guides offer advice on training as a golf coach. Most of them suggest taking a PGA (Professional Golf Association) certification. But this is expensive certification to get, albeit a prestigious one.

Instead, look for local golf teachers’ associations. Their certificates are as good for the place they are given in and magnitudes of order easier to get.

For example, in the USA there is a PGTAA, Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. It is not associated with PGA, but their certificate is enough for the majority of employers.

Helpful Experience and Skills

As with every coaching job, experience is required. You have to be a good player before teaching others, but that alone is not enough.

Any teaching experience will help in this sense, even better if it is sports coaching. Scheduling and some accounting will make it easier to keep track of all the students and course reservations.


Working as a golf instructor is a dream job for many: combining a passion for a sport with a secure career. It is not easy to get, with certification and a need for experience, but the merits are worth it.