Axis1 Joey Putter Review (UNIQUE Balanced Blade Putter)

Axis1 have a patented heel counterweight design in the Joey putter.

The Joey is a classic blade putter with a difference.

Axis1 Joey Putter

The Axis1 Joey putter is a unique blade model that has been designed as a supremely balanced putter. Will the Joey help you improve on the greens and hole more putts.

The Joey is a traditional blade shaped putter with a difference. That’s because it has a patented Perfectly Balanced / Torque-free design that prevents the head twisting or opening to push putts.

The putter is made from 304 cast stainless steel with CNC milled face materials and has a center of gravity in the middle of the face thanks to the heel counterweight.

Is the Axis1 putter the answer to your putting problems? In this article we take a look at why the combination of weighting technologies can help you find the bottom of the cup more often.

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What Axis1 says about the Joey putter:

“The patented heel counter-weight on this classic blade putter was further squared for a more traditional look, while still ensuring the Perfectly Balanced / Torque-free design ensures the club face will never open up.

“The putter remains square at address and travels perpendicular to your swing path, and will not twist open at address or windshield wipe open throughout your swing nor will it twist upon hitting the ball.

“For the very first time, our patented heel counterweight places the center of gravity in the center of the striking face and in line with the axis of the shaft.

“Following the evolutions of perimeter weighting and alignment features on putters comes Axis1’s revolutionary Perfect Balance/ Torque Free Technology.”

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Axis1 Joey Putter Specs & Design

Axis1 Joey Putter

Axis1 Joey Putter

Axis1 Joey

Axis1 Joey Putter

Axis1 Joey


How much does the Axis1 Joey putter cost?

The Axis1 Joey currently retails at $299 / £247.

Do the Axis1 putters come in different lengths?

Yes. They come in 33-inch, 34-inch and 35-inch shaft lengths.

Does the Axis1 Joey putter come with a head cover?

Yes. All Axis1 putters come with head covers.

Which is the best Axis1 putter?

Each putter is individually tuned and perfectly balanced to suit the requirements of different golfers. The Axis1 putters might initially feel lighter due to their unique balance characteristics, but golfers soon become used to the feel.