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Home » Axis1 Tour-HM Putter Review (PREMIUM Torque-Free Putter)

Axis1 Tour-HM Putter Review (PREMIUM Torque-Free Putter)

Axis1 Tour-HM Putter

The Axis1 Tour-HM putter is a premium and torque-free putter that combines the alignment qualities of a mallet with the superior flow of a blade.

This putter doesn’t come cheap, but it oozes quality and is a good choice for golfers that are struggling with their putting game may need to upgrade their putter.

Axis1 have come up with a putter which doesn’t twist but remains square to the ball at address. It is designed to help take your game to the next level on the putting greens.

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What Axis1 says about the Tour-HM putter?

“PGA modern half mallet putter (and) a Tour proven (putter).

“The Tour-HM combines the alignment features of a mallet with the flow of a blade, utilizing our ‘Perfectly Balanced / Torque-free’ tech platform.

“It takes the timing out of toe-hang and keeps the heel and toe parallel to your path through the stroke resulting in a squarer face at impact for improved directional consistency and distance control.”

Axis1 Tour-HM Putter

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Axis1 Tour-HM Putter Design & Features

The Tour-HM putter is mallet-shaped putter and offers the forgiveness associated with such designs, but provides the sublime performance of a blade.

The putter has a black and silver appearance and is constructed from CNC 304 stainless steel and a Proprietary Lightweight Composite Back.

The Tour-HM features a Lamkin paddle shape grip for maximum feel and feedback and to ensure the most accurate of distance control on the green.

Axis1 Tour-HM Putter

Weighing 350 grams in total, the putter is not overly heavy for a mallet design, while the loft is set at 2.5° and the lie angle at 69°.

This putter comes in 33″, 34″, or 35″ shaft length options but can be ordered to custom lengths. It comes with an Axis1 putter head cover as standard.

Verdict: Is the Axis1 Tour-HM Putter any good?

The Axis1 putters are in line with Scotty Camerons when it comes to price point, so you have to really want to splash out if you are purchasing the Tour-HM or any of the brands other models.

If you are having trouble keeping your putter steady at the point of address, and hitting straight putts, then this is a putter that you should try.

Axis1 Tour-HM Putter

The performance is excellent, but this isn’t inexpensive though. This putter is for golfers that are more than just casual players and is all about making the small gains on the putting green and holing more putts.


How much does the Axis1 Tour-HM Putter cost?

The Tour-HM putter is not cheap. It retails at $449 / £330, putting it in the upper echelon of putters by price.

What lengths is the Tour-HM putter sold in?

It is available in 33”, 34″ and 35″ shafts. Axis1 putters can also be created in custom lengths on request.