Best Golf Trolley Winter Wheels (TOP Ranked Hedgehog Wheels)

Guide to the best hedgehog and winter wheels for golf trolleys

Our top recommendations for the best winter golf wheels.

Best Golf Trolley Winter Wheels

If your course gets boggy in the winter and a winter wheels rule is in place, what do you do? Carry your bag or look for the best golf trolley winter wheels?

You usually have two options when trolleys or buggies are banned during a wet spell in the winter. Do you fancy digging out the carry bag, or should you purchase some hedgehogs or winter wheels.

Golf winter wheels are designed to prevent those ugly tyres marks and skid marks from damaging the course. But which are the best for the electric or push trolley you are using?

We take a look at the best golf trolley winter wheels on the market.

1. Motocaddy Hedgehog Winter Wheels

Motocaddy Hedgehog Wheels

Motocaddy are one of the most popular golf trolley manufacturers and they have hedgehog wheels available for both series of electric golf trolleys – the M Series and the S Series.

Whichever range of trolley you have, you can swap your regular “slick” wheels for the hedgehog variety during the wetter months to improve grip.

The Motocaddy design has been created by the Hedgehog Golf Company and help provide less turf drag and slide in wet wintery conditions.

They feature an anti-skid tread design and also have a quick release mechanism for easier removal from your trolley.

The hedgehogs are not suitable for use on the Downhill models.

You can also get slimmer hedgehog wheels for Motocaddy push trolleys if you don’t have a battery powered one.

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Powakaddy Winter Wheels

Powakaddy Winter Wheels

Powakaddy’s Winter Wheels product differs from others on the market because these do not follow the hedgehog wheels style that many others do.

Powakaddy teamed up with the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) to create their unique design which places emphasis on protecting grass in wet months.

The design, which has a honeycomb like design to the wheels, has a “clog-resistant” open tread design and as a result limits the tyre marks on the course and makes them among the best golf trolley winter wheels.

It is suitable for use with all Powakaddy models, including the FX Range, CT Range, FW Range, C2 Range, SPORT and Freeway Digital models.

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Big Max Hedgehog Wheels

Big Max Hedgehog Wheels

The Big Max Hedgehog wheels are compatible with the Big Max IQ and IQ360 push trolleys and feature the traditional spiked design.

They come as a kit of three entire wheels, rather than a sleeve to slip over your existing wheels, and have hard-wearing parabolic studs to improve turf interaction.

The design reduces surface contact by up to 75% and makes it incredibly easier to push your trolley around muddy and wet courses in the winter.

The hedgehogs have also been design to protect the course and reduce the impact your trolley makes.

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Hedgehog Golf Wheel Sleeve

Hedgehog Wheel Sleeves

The Hedgehog Golf Wheel Sleeve is one of the cheapest ways to turn your electric or push trolley into a compliant device should conditions on course determine you need them.

The sleeves come in three separate sizes and are added to your existing wheels to give them the hedgehog look.

Added like a belt and clipping the catch together and cable tying onto your wheels, they simply slip over your wheel and are removable within seconds by unhooking.

The studs on these sleeves a small and lower profile that the fixed wheel version alternatives in this list, but they can be order to suit the size of your current wheels.

Available in 3 sizes – just measure the diameter of your wheel to see which one works. If your wheel is in the middle of two sizes go for the smaller version.

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Masters Kaktus Winter Wheels

Masters Kaktus Winter Wheels

Masters’ Kaktus Winter Wheels are similar to the Hedgehogs but have a slightly different look with a more pointed look to the “Kaktus” spikes.

Known as a Terrastud design, the rubber spikes are durable and significantly reduce the interaction with the turf to reduce damage by increased the balance weight.

The Masters wheels, which are 7cm in width, can be slipped onto your trolley quick and easy and can be left on all year round if required.

The wheels are sold as a pair but only suited to pull or push trolleys and do not fit electric or battery trolleys.

Clic Gear Hedgehog Wheels

Clic Gear Model 8 Push Trolley

The Clic Gear Model 8 push trolley may have four wheels, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hedgehogs to use during the winter.

The kit is manufactured by the Hedgehog Golf Company and comes with a set of four replacement wheels to use on muddy or wet golf courses.

The hedgehogs help reduced surface contact by up to 75 per cent and reduce the damage done to turf, fairways and rough while playing in winter.

The wheels feature hard-wearing studs to help make it easier to pull or push your trolley around the course in the winter.

Hillbilly Electric Cart Winter Wheels

Hill Billy Electric Cart Winter Wheels

Design to fit all Hillbilly Electric Cart trolleys with twin front wheel designs, the winter wheels can help save you energy on the course.

The replacement hedgehog wheels are easier to swap with your normal wheels and make it easier to use on the course in muddy conditions.

Not only do they help preserve battery levels by making the wheels work less, they also help protect your course from damage.

The hard-wearing parabolic studs, designed by the Hedgehog Golf Company, reduce surface contact by up to 75 per cent compared to your normal wheels.