Bettinardi BB Series Putters Review

Bettinardi's BB series now features six different models

Bettinardi BB Series Putters

The Bettinardi BB series of putters now features six different models, all offering high-quality performance on the putting greens.

The BB series was first introduced in 1999, but continue to be among the best putters on the market with all six options made from one single block of carbon steel or aluminium and finished with an attractive black look.

The BB putters feature blades and mallets in a complete range, which includes the latest technology such as the Super-Fly Mill face pattern and a variety of shaft lengths and lofts.

Bettinardi BB1 Putter Review

Bettinardi BB1 Putter

The original Bettinardi putter, the BB1 now has the Super-Fly Mill pattern on the face in place of the previous honeycomb design. It is a traditional-looking Anser style blade that many golfers will favour, but Bettinardi have made one key change and that was to move the neck marginally towards the sweet spot. There is also a BB1 Flow version, which features a flow neck design at three-quarters offset.

Bettinardi BB8 Wide Putter Review

Bettinardi BB8 Putter

The BB8 Wide putter is a traditional blade but offering more of a confidence-inspiring look due to a wide putter head. Bettinardi have taken the original BB8 and milled a wider flange to make it wider. It features a longer sightline than others in the range. The BB8, like the other BB models, has Super-Fly Mill face for producing a great feel and speed on the greens.

Bettinardi BB29 Putter Review

Bettinardi BB29 Putter

The BB29 is another blade option in the range, but has a much squarer look than the BB1. This one is heel-toe weighted and will be a better fit for golfers who struggle with pushes or pulls on the putting greens. Once again the honeycomb face design has been replaced by the Super-Fly Mill pattern.

Bettinardi BB39 Putter Review

Bettinardi BB39 Putter

Bettinardi’s BB39 putter offers golfers a half-moon blade option and boasts an impressive look. It features the Super-Fly Mill pattern on the face, like the other versions in the BB series, and has an elongated flange to help increase weight distribution across the face. There is a longer sightline than previous versions too, and you will find the BB39 to be an incredibly consistent performer.

Bettinardi BB45 Putter Review

Bettinardi BB45 Putter

Another half-moon mallet, the BB45 putter returned to the Bettinardi BB series putters in 2020. There is an extended flange line, a slightly thinner top-line and a single bend shaft for a true face-balanced putter. The Super-Fly Mill face is present to help generate perfect ball striking, with Bettinardi really focusing in on that aspect in this series.

Bettinardi BB56 Putter Review

Bettinardi BB56 Putter

A relatively new addition to the range, the BB56 has been designed using features of the Antidote and iNOVA ranges. It is a huge headed mallet and one which will probably divide opinion among golfers. It’s unique for two factors – the first the fact it is so long compared to most other putters. The second is the stainless steel strip that runs along the head to act as a sight line. It is bigger than you will have seen on any other putter, but if you struggle with alignment it could provide the perfect solution because it stands out distinctively against the black. As a result of the strip, the centre of gravity is raised but should help impart more forward roll on the ball.

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