BombTech Black Iron Set Review

BombTech have launched the 3.0 edition of the popular iron set

The Black Iron Set from BombTech are the 3.0 generation of the irons.

BombTech Black Irons Set

BombTech Black Iron Set is attractive, chic and slick in appearance. takes a look at what to expect from the BombTech 3.0 iron set.

When BombTech Golf opened in 2012, they had premium golfing products in mind, products that were meant to help amateurs gain some confidence in their abilities.

Since then, they have maintained a commitment toward quality products that assist with accuracy and length. That includes their BombTech Black irons, which are designed to help create an easy-to-find sweet spot.

The irons help golfers lower their handicaps. If you are looking for a new set of clubs, then they should come under consideration.

What BombTech say about the Black Iron Set:

“The Bombtech Black iron sets’ iron heads incorporate an undercut cavity that shifts the CG (center of gravity) rearward for a higher MOI (moment of inertia).

BombTech Black Irons Set

“The black iron set is 1 degree stronger and .125 inches longer than our previous golf iron set. The goal was to make your iron longer and still be as deadly accurate as the previous version.

“You will be amazed with truly how easy to hit and dangerously accurate the BombTech Iron set performs. This is by far my most requested product of all time.

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BombTech Black Iron Set Design & Features

The Black Iron Set is the 3.0 edition of BombTech’s irons and the most advanced set yet.

The latest model is one degree stronger than any previous BombTech set, and significantly has been made 0.125 inches longer too.

BombTech Black Irons Set

The design tweaks have made an easy to hit irons that is longer and more accurate and penetrating than before. BombTech have increased the perimeter weighting to provide better impact, even on mishit shots.

The iron set comes complete with seven irons in total form 4-iron to pitching wedge, all of which have 431 Stainless and step-less steel shafts.

BombTech Golf wants you to feel confident that you will love these clubs and backs your order with a 60-day on-course guarantee.


The BombTech 3.0 Black Iron Set are attractive to look at, but don’t just think they are all about looks. They are pretty smarter performers too.

BombTech Black Irons Set

Unsually, BombTech sell an extra iron in the set with a 4-iron included. Most standard sets sold range from 5-iron to pitching wedge.

The performance levels are good, with the lofts designed to extra more distance. They are also sold at a fairly reasonable price, making them an attractive proposition to golfers of a variety of abilities.


How much does a BombTech Black Iron Set cost?

They are priced at $497 at the company’s homepage. Expect a completed order to take 1-5 days for delivery.

Do the BombTech irons sets come with a warranty?

Yes. They are advertised a one-year warranty, which is certainly long enough for you to make sure that you have made the right purchase. You also have a 60-day guarantee when purchasing the set.

What clubs are in the BombTech Black Iron set?

The set includes seven irons, from 4-iron to pitching wedge.

What the BombTech irons specs?

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