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BombTech Wedges Review

BombTech Wedges

The BombTech wedges set is an innovative 3-piece offering that won’t break the bank. GolfReviewsGuide takes a look at the wedges.

BombTech may a largely unheard of brand, but the wedges set is proving extremely popular. They are a value-for-money alternative to more established wedge manufacturers.

The brain child of one man, amateur golfer Sully who started BombTech back in 2012. The wedge set produced is oversized for a confidence inspiring look, and take the grooves to the legal limit.

Just like the Kirkland wedge set from Costco, BombTech wedges are sold only as a 3-piece set and not individually. They come with a 52-degree gap wedge, 56-degree sand wedge and a 60-degree lob wedge.

What BombTech say about the wedges set:

“(The) best selling golf wedge set just got sexier. Your buddies will be jealous.

“The set includes a 52 Degree Gap Wedge, 56 Degree Sand Wedge and 60 Degree Lob Wedge.

“The BombTech black golf wedges are slightly oversized to make even your bad shots look pretty freaking good.

“The forgiving shape combined with heavier head weight gives you the feel and control that you would expect out of a premium wedge set. Stick it close and make your golf buddies jealous.”

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BombTech Wedge Set Design

The BombTech wedges set is a three-piece option, sold with 52, 56 and 60 degree short game improving options for the perfect gapping in your bag.

The wedges are particularly attractive with a stylish black finish coupled with the standout green of the BombTech branding.

BombTech Wedges

The wedges have been oversized in terms of the clubhead to really inspired confidence over those all-important approaches to greens and chips from around the putting surface.

BombTech have includes their green colour scheme in each of the grooves to really make these wedges stand out from the crowd.

BombTech Wedges

The grooves themselves push USGA legal limits to the very edge, to produce the maximum short game spin.

The wedge set comes with a 52 degree gap wedge, a 56 degree sand wedge and 60 degree lob wedge for one purchase price.

BombTech Wedges Set Verdict

Stylish, reasonably priced and confidence-inspiring, the BombTech wedge set has a lot going for it.

The oversized clubhead will help provide additional confidence for golfers who struggle a little around the greens, from bunkers or for consistent ball striking on approaches.

BombTech Wedges

The one negative – in the same way as other wedge set sold as a package – is the set lofts. If your gapping requires a 50, 54 or 58 degree loft, then the BombTech set won’t be for you.

But if you are after the precise lofts offered in this set, then you won’t be disappointed with the cost or the performance. They are value for money.


How much does the BombTech Wedges Set cost?

The wedge set is sold at $167/£118 direct from BombTech. They come with a 60-day guarantee and you can return the wedges if you are unhappy with them.

What lofts are available in the BombTech Wedge Set?

The wedge set comes with a 52 degree gap wedge, a 56 degree sand wedge and 60 degree lob wedge. They are sold as a three-wedge set.

What are the BombTech Wedges Set specs?

The wedges all have a 64 degree lie and come with 12 degrees of bounce (52 degree), 10 degrees of bounce (56 degree) and 8 degrees of bounce (60 degree). All three are 34.25 inches in length and come with a D5 swing weight.