Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder Review

The Tour V4 Rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy

Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V4 laser rangefinder is one of the best premium distance measuring devices available from the leading brand.

Featuring a host of technological advances including JOLT technology for confirmation of distances, Fast Focus System for target accuracy and an unrivalled accompanying app, the Tour V4 is a high quality rangefinder.

Bushnell promise that the rangefinder is accurate to within one yard of the target, making the Tour V4 a leading product for golfers in the market for a new aid.

What Bushnell say about the Tour V4 rangefinder:

“Ergonomically designed with Stabi-Grip technology, the Tour V4 Rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy and JOLT.

“(JOLT) provides the golfer with short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. This mode makes getting on the green and hitting the flag easy.

“Fast Focus System allows golfers to adjust the optic focus to ensure sight clarity and target accuracy.

“Trust your Bushnell for precise distances that makes all the difference — and add an edge to your game with yardage accuracy within 1-yard.

“Unlock useful information like hole layouts with distance, 3D flyovers with distance, and wireless course updates with the Bushnell Golf app.”

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