Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder Review

The Pro XE is the most comprehensive rangefinder Bushnell have produced

Bushnell Pro XE

The Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder is one of the most advanced distance measuring devices available anywhere on the market – and comes with the promise of being exactly that.

Bushnell are not stopping short when it comes to claims about just how good the Bushnell XE Laser Rangefinder is, branding it as “the longest, most accurate, most consistent golf laser rangefinder ever”.

That is some claim but they have every reason to think so with Slope with Elements, PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology, Built-in BITE Magnetic Cart Mount and Positive Click Slope Switch among the technologies incorporated.

What Bushnell say about the Pro XE Rangefinder:

“(The Pro XE) shoots flags at 500+ yards to within 1 yard, making it the most powerful golf laser ever.

“Tour-trusted compensated distances have been taken to the next level with ‘Elements’. Temperature and barometric pressure have been added to Bushnell Golf’s patented Slope technology to give golfers the most precise compensated distances ever.

“JOLT has been advanced with the all new ‘Visual JOLT’. A red ring now flashes as JOLT vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know you have locked onto the flag.

“Also new to the Pro XE is Bushnell Golf’s exclusive BITE magnetic mount that allows you to easily mount the Pro XE right on the cart bar.”

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Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder Design

The technologies used in the Bushnell Pro XE make it the ultimate and all-encompassing rangefinder out there, and one which conforms to USGA standards just like predecessor the X2 rangefinder.

Bushnell Pro XE

Bushnell has pushed the boundaries by including the patented Slope with Element, Pinseeker with Visual JOLT Technology, Positive Click Slope Switch and new BITE magnetic cart mount technology.

Bushnell tell us the Pro XE is accurate to one yard from 500+ yards of the target, and you can really trust distances with this premium rangefinder.

The Pinseeker with JOLT now comes with visual reassurance. It now works by not only giving you a short vibration when the laser has locked in on the flag, but also with a new red ring flashing as around the target to confirm the distance.

The Slope technology is now known as Slope with Elements in the Pro XE, and it’s gone further than ever before. Not only is the incline or decline taken into account, temperature and barometric pressure settings have also been added to give you distance advice based on the elements too.

Bushnell Pro XE

There is also an exclusive BITE magnetic mount which allows you to clip your rangefinder against the cart bar, while the backlight display has been enhanced to be ultra bright in the Pro XE.

The Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder also comes with 7× Magnification, Rubber Armored Metal Housing for protection, a premium carry case and is fully waterproof. CR2 batteries are also included upon purchase.

Bushnell Pro XE Laser Rangefinder Verdict

There is no doubting the quality of the Pro XE rangefinder. Bushnell have come up with a way of improving the X series of laser devices to create the ultimate.

You now get a more accurate reading than from any other version with the Slope with Elements taking even more into consideration to help you make your club choice.

Bushnell Pro XE

Bushnell are constantly striving to add new features and they have certainly managed it. The only downside to the Pro XE is that it is expensive, but you get what you pay for and have everything needed in one rangefinder.

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What is the best Bushnell rangefinder?

The Pro XE is the best that Bushnell have available. The Tour V5 is another high-class product with many of the same featurs, but the Pro XE laser is the top spec.

How do you use the Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder?

The Pro XE is relatively easy to use. Use the rangefinder to lock onto a target in the distance and you will be provided with the distance accurate to one yard. The technologies incorporated into the product means you are also given slope factor and details of the elements to take into account when making your club selection.

How much does the Bushnell Pro XE rangefinder cost?

The XE laser rangefinder is among the most expensive on the market. Prices varies from retailer to retailer. You can find the best prices for Bushnell rangefinders here.