Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges Review

Callaway’s JAWS Wedges now feature a High Toe version

The Full Toe wedges feature a raw face for increased spin and control.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

The Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges are new for 2021 with the promise of the raw face being a spin machine. checks out what to expect.

The JAWS wedges are one of the most popular from Callaway, and the new model has been given a makeover with a full toe shape and an all-new raw face for added spin.

Available in black and chrome clubhead option, Callaway have improved the performance of the new JAWS to provide more spin than ever before.

What Callaway says about the JAWS Full Toe Raw Wedges:

“JAWS Full Toe is designed to give you control on all types of wedge shots, from chips, pitches, flops, bunker shots, and full shots into the green.

“It’s an absolute spin machine with full face JAWS grooves, offset groove-in-groove technology and an all-new raw face.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

“Confidence and control come from a Full Toe shape and a specialized C-Grind. Bring out your full imagination and take on any shot.”

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Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges Design & Features

The major design tweak from previous wedges in the JAWS range is that these feature a new full toe design for inspired confidence.

The toe shape has an enhanced peak and works in conjunction with various grinds to make chipping and approach play more consistent when it comes to ball striking and spin levels.

The impact of the new Full Toe design is that Callaway have been able to move the CG higher. That results in a lower ball flight for more controlled shots. The CG has also been moved from the heel thanks to Callaway’s Variable Weight Port System.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

The C-Grind is the only option in the Full Toe wedges, but it has been tweaked for maximum performance around the greens and from bunkers in conjunction with the new clubhead shape.

The new raw face also produces ball stopping spin in abundance. Callaway have used full face grooves and groove-in-groove technology as part of the raw face design to help control and get closer than before on approach play.

Available in black or chrome options, the new JAWS wedges can be purchased in lofts from 54-64 degrees.

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Verdict: Are the Callaway Full Toe Wedges good?

Callaway have made an interesting tweak in the design of the clubhead of the new JAWS model.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

The Full Toe inspires confidence, but it is the raw face that really stands out. Expect to see check and spin in abundance and for these wedges to help you get closer to the pin that ever before.

The JAWS range was always a hugely popular model and now things have just got even better. There is little not to like.


When will the Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges be released?

The new JAWS wedges will go on general sale in September, 2021.

How much do the Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges cost?

As soon as we know the retail price, we will update this article.

What are the specs of the Callaway JAWS High Toe Wedges?

LoftAvailabilityBounceSoleStandard LengthLieSteel Swing WeightGraphite Swing Weight
54°RH / LH12°C-Grind35.25"64.0°D3D2
56°RH / LH12°C-Grind35.25"64.0°D3D2
58°RH / LH10°C-Grind35.00"64.0°D3D2
60°RH / LH10°C-Grind35.00"64.0°D3D2
64°RH / LH10°C-Grind35.00"64.0°D3D2