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Home » Best Golf Wedges 2024 (TOP Ranked Short Game Wedges)

Best Golf Wedges 2024 (TOP Ranked Short Game Wedges)

Best Golf Wedges For 2024

Looking for new wedges to add to your bag for the new season? The best golf wedges 2024 have been picked out with a range of top class to affordable.

Golf wedges have been taken to a completely new level in recent years, as new technology and design features have created more distance, accuracy, and spin.

Whether you are a beginner or competing on an amateur tour, it is important to change out wedges often to take advantages of the newest technologies in place.

What follows are some of the best golf wedges 2024. Also get the best golf driversbest woods and best irons as well as new putters.

1. Titleist Vokey SM10 Wedges

Titleist SM10 Wedges

Two years in the making since the launch of the SM9 Vokey wedges, Titleist have launched the latest version of the leading wedge on tour with improved flight and feel and new levels of spin in the SM10 Vokeys.

The Vokey Design SM10 wedges feature the patented Spin Milled groove technology, which has been improved to provide maximum spin and control.

In the new model, the precise engineering process features each groove cut to the edge for optimal performance.

There are deeper grooves in lower lofts (46-54 degrees) and shallower grooves in 56-62 degrees. In between each groove are “micro grooves” for the ultimate face control.

The wedges feature a progressive center of gravity which is uniquely calibrated for each loft, enhancing flight, accuracy and forgiveness in equal measure in the SM10s.

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2. Ping Glide S159 Wedges

Ping S159 Wedges

Ping have made the new S159 wedges a more classic shape and look than the Glide series and also increased the range of loft and grind options across the range.

The tour-level wedges are crafted from 8620 carbon steel, which provides a soft feel, and have a clean shape with a straighter lead edge than in the Glide series.

The S159s feature precision-milled grooves, in combination with the friction-adding face blast, and deliver exceptional launch and spin control on approach play and around greens.

The wedges are available in two performance-enhancing finishes – Hydropearl 2.0 Chrome and Midnight – and is 25 different loft and grind options.

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3. Callaway Mack Daddy Jaws Wedges

Callaway JAWS Raw Wedges

JAWS wedges have always been one of Callaway’s most impressive performers, catering for a huge variety of golfers, and the Raw Face option adds another dimension.

The design element means that the edges of the grooves are exposed more and as a result produce additional friction and spin in your short game for more stopping power.

The JAWS wedges have the CG positioned for improved control and feel, while a variety of hosel lengths in the options and weighted toe pads produce the ideal trajectory.

The wedges feature four separate grinds – the Z-Grind, S-Grind, X-Grind and W-Grind – to suit the bounce and loft option requirements of all skills levels.

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4. TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedges

TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 Wedges

TaylorMade have made some notable changes to the MG4 wedges to provide more zip than ever before, a reshaped the clubhead and introduced a new finish on the face compared to the MG3.

The wedges have a more rounded look that is more appealing on the eye, while the new look including a straighter leading edge and changes to the hosel and offset too.

The key changes have been in improved the raw face of the MG4 to provide more spin especially in wet conditions when the performances levels of other wedges dip.

The raw face, which is laser etched and known as spin tread, rusts as the wedges age to ensure that the maximum spin levels are maintained throughout the life of the club.

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5. Wilson Staff Model Wedges

Wilson Staff Model Wedges

The latest generation of the Wilson Staff Model wedges have made a significant leap forward in performance thanks to a number of design tweaks.

Crafted from 8620 Carbon Steel, the wedges offer a soft touch that is immediately noticeable around the greens, providing incredible feel that can make a significant difference in your play.

The machine-engraved score lines on the precision-milled face feature a higher density pattern than what is commonly found on wedges. This design results in more consistent contact with the ball, maximizing spin and control on every shot.

The wedges also now feature a tour sole design that suit golfers who have a more shallow attack angle with this design element allowing the face to be kept open through impact.

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6. Cleveland RTX6 Zipcore Wedges

Cleveland RTX6 Wedges

The RTX wedges range has been given a makeover to produce more spin thanks to a combination of design elements in the 6 model.

The HydraZip technology has been improved to deliver maximum spin whether wet of dry on the course thanks to a dynamic blade and laser milled face.

The laser lines are different between groups of lofts with less in the 46 degrees to 48 degrees than the 50 degrees to 52 degrees and the most included in wedges from 54 degrees to 60 degrees for maximum spin.

The RTX6 wedges feature four separate sole grinds with the Low, Low+, Mid and Full all options to choose from.

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7. Mizuno T24 Wedges

Mizuno T24 Wedges

Replacing the T22 wedges, Mizuno have made subtle alterations to the design rather than sweeping changes in the bid to improve the performance in the T24 wedges.

The key design element in the new T24s is the QUADCUT+ grooves, which have been changed in the latest model to now be a much narrow groove pattern.

Mizuno has also added HydroFlow Micro Grooves to help keep water off the face of the club and ensure there is not lower levels of spin in wetter conditions on the course.

The clubhead itself has been redesigned with weight taken from the toe and hosel area allowing Mizuno to make the profile slightly smaller than in previous versions.

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