Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers Review

Cleveland have launched their most forgiving drivers yet with the Launcher XL family

The Launcher XL family of drivers feature three models.

Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers

The Cleveland Launcher XL drivers are the most forgiving yet from the manufacturer with three separate models offering something for all golfers. Choose from the XL, XL Lite and XL Lite Draw.

Cleveland have followed the lead of the likes of TaylorMade and Callaway in introducing multiple versions of one driver to cater for the needs of golfers looking for different things from their driver.

The XL, XL Lite and XL Lite Draw drivers are “the most forgiving driver line” Cleveland has ever produced with straighter and longer what all three models are about.

What Cleveland say about the Launcher XL drivers:

“The Launcher XL drivers hit the ball long and straight – plain and simple. This is the most forgiving driver line we’ve ever made. More than anything, you’re going to see straighter drives more often.

“We’re introducing a standard model with adjustable loft and lie settings, a lite model that’s longer and faster, and a draw model that corrects for a slice. There’s something for all game improvement players with Launcher XL.

“It’s called the Launcher XL Driver for a reason. Mainly because it’s really big and so is the sweet spot. That makes it extremely forgiving. We packed the Launcher XL Driver with MOI for towering drives that fly straight.

“The lighter the club the faster the swing. That’s why we took the ultra-forgiving Launcher XL Driver and stripped it down to the essentials creating the Launcher XL Lite Driver. It boosts your swing speed for more distance off the tee.

“The Launcher XL Draw Driver compensates for your pesky slice. It also has a massive sweet spot and is packed with tech. That’s what we call a win-win.”

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Cleveland Launcher XL Driver Design & Features

The Launcher XL gets its name thanks to having a clubhead that is 6.7% longer from front to back than the previous generation, the Launcher HB.

Cleveland have worked hard to increase the forgiveness of the latest Launcher model, and an 11% increase in MOI to 5,200 g-cm² – the most ever in a Cleveland driver – has helped to deliver that.

Cleveland Launcher XL Driver

The increased MOI, achieved by moving weight low and back in the driver head, means a higher launch angle from this model and more distance and straight tee shots than ever before.

The XL driver features a Rebound Frame to help increase ball speed and distance thanks to a clever design of alternating flexibility and rigidity zones in the clubhead.

The Launch XL also features an Action Mass CB, an 8g weight inside the end of the grip to help with balance and straighter and more accurate ball striking.

This model comes as standard with 9, 10.5 and 12 degree options with an adjustable hosel offering up to 12 different loft and lie options.

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Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver Design & Features

The Launcher Lite feature the same XL head design compared to previous generations, but this is the model for golfers with a slower swing speed.

The Lite XL has 12g of weight savings compared to the standard XL model, enabling golfers to swing fastest with the lighter clubhead.

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Driver

The distance, ball speed and forgiveness don’t suffer with this version also packed with technology.

The Rebound Frame is present to increase ball speed, the weight is low and deep with an MOI of 5,100 g-cm² and the 8g weight is positioned inside the grip.

This model, which is 0.25 inches longer than the XL, is non-adjustable with 10.5 degree and 12 degree options available.

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Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver Design & Features

The Launcher XL Lite Draw is an additional version of the Lite model, but is designed to help cure the dreaded slice so many golfers struggle with.

If you miss fairways right and are losing distance due to a slice, this is the model for you with the XL Lite Draw promoting straighter ball striking and longer hitting.

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw Driver

Cleveland have reworked the clubhead in this model to move weight and promote a draw shape to straighten those slices off the tee.

Just like the XL Lite, the Draw model is 12g lighter and 0.25 inches longer than the standard version. The Rebound Frame helps increase ball speed and the 8g weight positioned inside the grip helps with balance.

This model is non-adjustable and comes with just a 10.5 degree loft option.

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Verdict: Are the Cleveland Launcher XL Drivers any good?

The Launcher XLs inspire confidence with a larger clubhead than in any previous models and also now have models to suit the needs of many different golfers.

The standard driver produces improved ball flight, distance and accuracy to extract more from the tee. The Lite is ideal in helping generate more clubhead speed and the Draw straightens even the wildest of slices.

The Cleveland drivers haven’t got endless technology thrown at them like other major brands, but the performance is impressive. The only negative is the lack of adjustability in the Lite and Draw models.


What is the Cleveland Launcher XL drivers release date?

The XL driver family is being released for general sale on March 25, 2022.

How much do the Cleveland XL drivers cost?

The Launcher XL will retail at $399 / £379 / €419 and the Launcher XL Lite and XL Lite Draw will cost $349 / £309 / €359.

What are the Cleveland Launcher XL driver specs?

The Launcher XL driver is available in 9, 10.5 and 12 degrees, the Launcher XL Lite is available in 10.5 and 12 degrees and the Launcher XL Lite Draw is available in 10.5 degrees only. There is also a Women’s Launcher XL Lite in 12.0 degree loft.