Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges Review

RTX 4 wedges are an improved version of the already impressive Cleveland RTX 3s

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedges are the fourth generation of the popular range and feature an improved design to make it the best yet according to the manufacturer.

The RTX 3 was already an impressive range of wedges, but Cleveland have not sat still and instead have made some significant tweaks from the previous versions of the RTX to hone the performance further.

The RTX 4 retains a lot of the key features that have made Cleveland wedges so popular, and used by tour professionals like Keegan Bradley, Shane Lowry and Graeme McDowell, but the changes they have made have resulted in the most “tour-authentic wedge” yet.

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What Cleveland says about the RTX 4 wedges:

“Square, open, flop. Fairway, rough, sand. Wherever you find your ball, there’s an RTX 4 to get you up and down. Four distinct sole grinds guarantee a perfect fit however you play. And with the 4th Generation Rotex Face, you’ll have the spin to attack any pin. This is greenside versatility, made yours. This is the all-new RTX 4.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

“Controlling your wedge shots is only possible with ample, predictable spin. So new 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology consistently delivers more spin across all conditions, giving you better distance control, improved accuracy, and lower scores.

“Sharper, deeper grooves slice through grass, sand and water for more consistent spin on every shot. Longer-lasting laser milling brings face roughness right to the conforming limit for more friction and more spin on all shots. Milling that’s in-line with your strike pattern increases backspin on all full, pitch, and chip shots.”

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Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges Design

The club heads of the RTX 4 wedges have been made slightly smaller than in previous versions, a move that came on the recommendation of tour players who had been using the RTX 3s

The RTX 4 wedges now have a more compact look, and Cleveland have added a muscle to the back of each loft to alter the centre of gravity both horizontally and vertically. The notion is to provide the perfect feel balance for better distance control with approach shots.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

The improved fourth generation Rotex Face technology is described as having Cleveland’s “sharpest tour zip grooves” incorporated to come up with a wedge that produces more spin on those crucial approach shots.

Other changes made to the design of the RTX 4s have been done so to promote the versatility and feel offered by the wedges, particularly in the in-depth bounce options now available.

Cleveland have really focused in on the sole grind and bounce of the RTX 4 and you can now purchase the wedges in Mid – a v-shaped sole, Low – which has heel, toe and trailing edge relief, Full – the traditional sole associated with wedges, and XLow – which keeps the leading edge low for even the most difficult of shots.

There is also a better range of lofts to blend the wedges seamlessly in with the irons in your bag. The Full Sole wedges come in 56-60 degrees, the Mid Sole options are available in 46-60 degrees, the Low Sole is available from 56-64 degrees and the XLow sole only comes in 58 or 60 degree lofts. In total there are 18 different loft/bounce combinations available.

There are three versions of the wedges: black satin for anti-glare, a tour satin silver version, and raw, a rusty looking option. All three come in a variety of loft options from 48 through to 60 degrees, depending on the grind required.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges Verdict

The Cleveland RTX 3 wedges were already impressive, but things have improved further still with the release of the RTX 4 range with even more game improving technology added.

The release of four slightly different models of RTX 4 wedges allow you to find the perfect grind, bounce and loft options to add to your bag and give you complete control of your short game.

You can expect more spin, better distance control, more accuracy around the greens and to eliminate thinned shots while using the RTX 4 wedges. The fourth generation of the RTX 4s are the best yet from Cleveland.

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