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Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges Review

Cleveland CBX2 Wedges

The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges follow the success of its predecessor. takes a look at the second generation.

The CBX2 is a cavity-back wedge and a short game improver, and an extremely forgiving option go accompany the popular Cleveland RTX 4 wedges in the company’s armoury.

The CBX2 wedges have a lighter hosel, an expanded toe, a gelback insert, a tapered flange and a hollow cavity with forgiveness the big selling point of this model.

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What Cleveland say about the CBX 2 wedges:

“Sequels usually let you down. This one won’t. And that’s because it pretty much guarantees you’ll hit the sweet spot. Say hello to short game forgiveness, more spin, plenty of versatility.

“Put forgiveness in your short game with the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge. It provides off-the-charts forgiveness thanks to a new Hollow-Cavity, while the Dynamic Sole boosts all-around versatility. The Cleveland CBX 2 is a forgiving, versatile wedge optimized for golfers who play cavity back irons.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

“Built for the majority of golfers who play game improvement equipment, the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge provides tour-level spin and control for players looking to upgrade their short game.

“Get spin, control, and all the forgiveness you need with the new Cleveland CBX 2.”

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Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges Design & Features

The CBX2 wedges from Cleveland have a hollow cavity back design and have been crafted to provide spin and control by the bucketload.

The wedges have spin-improving features like extra sharp Tour Zip Grooves and Centered Rotex Milling on the face.

This CBX 2S are sold with a steel finish or a black satin finish, the latter of which Cleveland say helps counter the glare of the sun.

Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges

The shaft is known as the Dynamic Gold 115 wedge shaft, and is a little lighter than normal or traditional wedge shafts.

The wedges come either steel or graphite shafts. You can also choose your loft between six options from 50 degrees to 60 degrees with various bounce options.

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Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges Verdict

The original Cleveland CBX wedges were a popular option for golfers of all abilities and the new version will also find their way into plenty of bags.

Consistency is what you want from wedges and in your short game. These provide plenty of zip to go flag hunting.

The CBX 2s should help you gain more control around the greens and bring you scores down as a result.

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How much do the Cleveland CBX 2 Wedges cost?

The wedges cost around $139.99 to $149.99 / £100 to £108.

What are the Cleveland CBX 2 wedges lofts, bounces and specs?