Druids Tri-Lite Trolley Review (VALUE 360 Push Trolley)

The Tri-Lite is another value for money push trolley from Druids

The Tri-Lite has a 360 front wheel design.

Druids Tri-Lite Trolley

The Druids Tri-Lite Trolley is one of the best value options on the market, but what makes it one of the hottest selling push trollies?

Druids have come up another impressive value for money to add to their push trolley with this three-wheel trolley retailing at a fraction of the cost of other similar products from other manufacturers.

The steel frame makes this a durable and strong trolley to cope with all conditions, but it has also been kept incredibly light too.

In this article, we take a look at the Tri-Lite and review just how good it is. Are you getting serious value for such a cheap trolley?

What Druids says about the Tri-Lite 360 Trolley:

“The Tri-Lite 360 3 wheel golf trolley has a compact design with strong steel frame.

Druids Tri-Lite Trolley

“The Druids Tri-Lite trolley is a durable golf trolley with a strong steel frame.

“It weighs just 5.9kg and has a high load capacity to carry almost any size cart bag.”

Druids Tri-Lite Trolley Design & Features

The Tri-Lite Trolley has been designed as a cut price push trolley that won’t break the bank…but without scrimping on quality.

A three-wheel push trolley, the Tri-Lite has a 360 front wheel design and is made from a solid, but lightweight, steel frame.

Druids Tri-Lite Trolley

The frame weighs less than 5.5kg, making it one of the lightest steel-framed trollies out there.

It folds in to a compact size of just 89 x 42 x 47cm and is quick and easy to both erect on the course and store away afterwards.

The Tri-Lite Trolley comes with a scorecard holder, tee, ball and pencil holders, umbrella holder and a drinks holder.

You can purchase the Tri-Lite in black with blue wheels or black with red wheels.

Druids Tri-Lite Trolley

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Verdict: Is the Druids Tri-Lite Trolley any good?

The Tri-Lite fits right into the Druids ethos of providing value for money with a good quality push trolley.

It has a sturdy frame that is still light enough to push around all types of golf courses, and will serve you well all year round.

There are plenty of extras included as standard in the trolley and you won’t be disappointed with what you get at the price point. Druids have come up with another value offer.

Druids Tri-Lite Trolley


How much does the Druids Tri-Lite Trolley cost?

The Tri-Lite Trolley retails at £129 and has been sold at a sale price of £59 from time to time.

What colours are available in the Druids Tri-Lite 360?

You can choose from two colour options: black with blue wheels or black with red wheels.

Does the Druids Tri-Lite Trolley come with a warranty?

Yes. The trolley comes with a one-year frame warranty.