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Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes Review

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes are the lightest yet produced by the leading manufacturer and one of the most impressive products you are likely to see hit the market.

Ecco have worked on reducing the weight of their summer, spikeless shoes and the S-Lites is what they have come up with.

Durable and light in equal measure, the stylish and sporty design ensures you not only look good on the course but also play well too.

The S-Lites come with the tag of being a hybrid – part trainer, part golf shoe – and that is the perfect description.

What Ecco say about the S-Lites:

“Impeccably made from robust Ecco Yak leather and accented with diamond-shaped embossing for superior breathability, the Ecco S-Lite shoe is engineered for an incredibly light feel that lasts from first tee to the clubhouse.

“The flexible E-DTS Light outsole, moulded leather heel counter and wing-wrapped midsole offer enhanced stability and steadier footing as you swing, while Fluidform Technology absorbs shock and cushions as you walk the course.”

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes Design

As mentioned in the introduction, the S-Lites are part-trainer and part-golf shoe with the mesh-like design making them as much stylish as they are efficient on the course.

The S-Lite are available in six colour options including white, grey, red, yellow and blue options to suit all tastes – and they are jam packed with the latest technology too.

The key target in the design process was to save weight and Ecco has achieved that by combining Yak leather uppers, a unique breathable outer and an extremely light outsole.

The uppers provide stability throughout a round on the course, and are both water repellent and breathable at the same time.

The breathable upper includes a diamond-shape embossed into the shoe, making the Ecco S-Lite as light as can possibly be, while the heel and toe areas have been reinforced.

The E-DTS Lite outsole also helps provide comfort off the course as well as on it, and is 66 per cent thinner than any other shoes in Ecco’s range with a TPU outsole.

The outsole comes with 100 traction studs to provide stability through the swing as well as 800 traction angles.

Fluidform Technology is used to seamlessly bring the uppers and outsole together without the need for stitching or gluing, and provides cushioning and rebound.

Ecco S-Lite Golf Shoes Verdict

Ecco golf shoes ooze style and class and the S-Lites are no different. These are a special shoe that can be worn on and off the course.

Every possible technological advance has been thrown at the Ecco S-Lite shoes and the end result is something exceptional. Comfort and style are accompanied by traction and durability.

If you are in the market for a summer golf shoe that performs to the highest of standards, consider the S-Lites. You’ve got six colour choices to choose from too.

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