Golf For Beginners: 7 Essential Golf Clothes & Accessories (BEST Materials To Choose)

What are the clothing dos and don'ts for new golfers

What clothes should you be wearing when you take up golf?


Golf is a sport that often comes with a lot of rules and restrictions on the clothes you can wear. What are the essential golf clothes you need?

Certain materials, such as denim, may not be accepted by some golf clubs, so it is crucial that you know the right clothes to wear before you head to the course.

It can be tricky for beginners to get their golfing wardrobe together, but the things you choose can make a massive difference to your experience and enjoyment of the game.

It is best to look for high-quality clothes and accessories that will last for years.

While essential golf clothes aren’t subject to the level of wear and tear that other sports clothes might experience, they will still need to be hardy enough to wear throughout the year as you hit your favourite courses.


Some clubs won’t accept members wearing only t-shirts, but a t-shirt can still be a great base layer for wearing during the cooler months.

Look for a golf t-shirt that is made from a lightweight, moisture-wicking material that will help you keep cool and sweat-free on the course.

A comfortable, high-quality t-shirt can be an excellent addition to any wardrobe and is perfect for use on and off the golf course.


For cooler days on the golf course, it is best to layer up. A warm and comfortable jumper can be an excellent addition to your golfing wardrobe, which can be easily removed should you work up a sweat or the day gets warmer.

Look for a comfortable crew neck jumper in a material like merino wool. For particularly chilly days, a turtleneck sweater could be the perfect option.

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Most clubs will require you to wear slacks or trousers like chinos during your game. More casual materials like denim are often discouraged, so it is best to choose more formal trousers or look for guidance on your golf club’s website.

A good rule of thumb when selecting golf trousers is to look for options with belt loops. Anything held up with a drawstring will likely not be accepted.

Again, look for lightweight options that will help you feel cool and comfortable on the course.

Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is one of the most iconic parts of a golfer’s outfit. Its popularity is due in part because of the requirement many golf clubs have for players to wear shirts with collars during their games.

You’ll need a good quality polo shirt, in a timelessly classic colour like white or grey. It may also help to look for an option that won’t limit your range of motion.

Koi Golf have some excellent polo shirt options made from sustainable materials, including recycled polyester and organic cotton, while also giving 1% of sales back to charity.

This ensures that you are comfortable and stylish on the course, allowing you to have the best possible golfing session.

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For your first visits to the golf course, it is best to use shoes you already have. Golf shoes can get pricy, and you’ll want to know that your interest in golf will last before you invest in quality shoes.

Most clubs will be happy to let you wear trainers that look smart with the rest of your golfing outfit. It is important to wear shoes with good tread and that are comfortable for prolonged wear.

Once you’ve decided that golf is the sport for you, you could invest in some golf shoes, which can be spiked or spikeless to help you with your game.


A belt is not a necessity on the golf course, but it can add an extra layer of style to your overall look. Choose a high-quality belt made from a durable and stylish material like vegan leather.

Choose something that has a timeless and stylish look, avoiding anything overly stylised or eye-catching unless you know for sure that it is acceptable with your golf club.

Rain Jacket

It is important to be ready for any weather when golfing, and anyone that’s played a few holes in the UK knows that unexpected rain is a common issue.

A lightweight rain jacket can be an essential addition to your game, helping you to keep dry and comfortable should rain strike.

Look for a rain jacket with wind and waterproof material to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. It is best to check with your club to find out if there are rules on colours and styles before you invest.


Selecting the right clothes and materials for golf is crucial. People wearing the incorrect clothes or materials on the golf course often stand out like a sore thumb, and some clubs may turn you away if you’re not conforming to their rules.

You should do your homework and check the requirements of the club you’re visiting to ensure that the essential golf clothes you buy are suitable.