7 Golf Etiquette Rules You Should Know

Important golf etiquette rules that you should familiarise yourself with

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If you are not an experienced golfer, it is a good idea to get familiar with the basic golf etiquette rules that come with visiting a golf course.

Apart from knowing how to handle a club, golf players must follow a certain set of rules. If you have never been out on a golf course before, knowing these requirements can both improve your experience, and keep you safe.

Here are the golf etiquette rules you should follow on a day out playing golf.

1. Respect the Club’s Dress Code

One of the reasons why golf is considered an elitist sport is the attire a player must follow. Many golf clubs won’t allow players on the golf course if they are not dressed appropriately. The common outfit a golf player must wear consists of the following items:

  • Golf shoes
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Trousers or knee-length shorts
  • Trainer socks
  • Collared t-shirt

Depending on the weather forecast, these items can vary, but one thing is for sure. Only very few clubs will allow you to wear denim.

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2. Know the Rules

Being acquainted with the rules of golf will help you understand the course better, and also keep the other players safe. If you don’t know your way around a golf course, you can easily interfere in other players’ game.

You should learn how to orient yourself around the course, how to mark your ball, and who goes first. Keeping silent when someone is preparing for a shot is an important sign of sportsmanship.

If you wish to do some research before attending the course, you can make use of all the available resources online.

There are many courses and lessons that can initiate you into the basics, but also help you perfect advanced techniques. If virtual lessons are something you are interested in, check out Performance Golf and the courses they provide for beginners and professionals.

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3. Avoid Damaging the Course

Keeping the course clean and undamaged will surely go a long way with the other players. To ensure the best experience for all players, make sure to repair any marks you leave behind.

Replacing any damaged turf and making sure that you don’t drag a rake is something to pay attention to.

4. Adjust Your Play

Some players move quicker than others, depending on their style and the difficulty of the shot. While other players will surely give you the time you need to perform, standing over the ball too long is frowned upon, as players will wait for you to advance.

5. Don’t Forget to Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Although it may sound basic, it is very common for new players to forget to turn off their phones. Sometimes, you will bump into players who are preparing for very important shots. Having your phone go off can be a massive distraction and it will surely get you some bad looks.

6. Remain Calm on the Course

Despite the naturally relaxing nature of golf, players can sometimes get very frustrated if they miss a shot. If you feel like shouting or letting go of your golf club, remember that others may be distracted by your actions. Anyone who disturbs the natural course of the game may even be asked to leave the club.

7. Pay Attention to Your Golf Cart

If you are attending a golf club for the first time, you might be drawn to getting a golf cart and enjoy the experience with all its perks.

Nevertheless, having a golf cart is also a big responsibility. You will have to make sure that your cart is safely parked at all times, and away from the visible playing area.

Bottom Line

Just as any other new activity, golf requires new players to be aware of the etiquette that comes with being out on a golf course. What is great about these rules is that they actually benefit everyone involved.

As long as you respect the other players and behave accordingly, you will receive the same treatment.

Those who wish to achieve performance in golf must build good relationships with the club’s players and advance in experience through their mentorship.

Respecting etiquette will only give you an advantage in forming such friendships.

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