Fazer XR2 Irons Review

The Fazer XR2s are an oversized iron available at an budget price tag

Fazer XR2 Irons

Fazer XR2 irons are a budget set aimed to helping to improve the golf of higher handicappers and beginners to the game.

The XR2 irons feature an oversized club head and an enlarged sweet spot to help provide confidence-inspiring ball striking from the outset.

The steel irons from Fazer have been designed with a wide undercut sole which lowers the CG and produces an launch angle to help provide maximum distance coupled with forgiveness.

What Fazer say about the XR2 Irons:

“These oversized stainless steel irons feature extra-large sweet spots deliver solid, accurate shots with every swing.

“The XR2 Irons feature a wide, undercut sole design, oversize head profile and extra large sweet spot.

“The wide, undercut sole design positions the weight low into the clubhead to enable easy launch toward the target.

“Complete with regular flex lightweight shafts and soft feeling Pro Line rubber grips, these brilliant irons are sure to improve your game.”

Fazer XR2 Irons Design & Features

There is nothing flashy and groundbreaking about the XR2 irons from Fazer, but they provide an excellent starting point for beginners and newcomers to the game.

With the target audience in mind, Fazer have come up with an oversized head to really inspire confidence of making a solid connection. The sweet spot in the club head is extra large too to enhance distance even on off centre strikes.

Fazer XR2 Irons

The Fazer XR2s are steel shafted and feature a wide undercut sole that is designed to position the CG lower on the clubhead for a higher launch and optimal distance as a result.

The irons have forgiveness at the heart of the design, something that is crucial given that this is a set of irons aimed at high handicappers and players just starting out in golf.

The Fazer XR2 irons are available in 5-iron to sand wedge (a total of seven irons) and have a stylish yellow, red and white colour scheme.

Fazer XR2 Irons

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Fazer XR2 Irons Verdict

There’s a lot to like about the Fazer XR2s – not least the price point. They are a very attractive price, particularly for beginners looking for a first set of irons.

The oversized clubhead and larger-than-normal sweet spot make ball striking easier for even the newest of golfers.

If you are in the market for a new set of irons that can help bring your handicap down, or are just starting out…the XR2s from Fazer are a sensible purchase.


How much do the Fazer XR2 irons cost?

They retail at £149 / $200 for a set of seven irons.

What clubs are included in the Fazer XR2 set of irons?

The set contains 5 iron to sand wedge (5i, 6i, 7i, 8i, 9i, Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge).

Is there a guarantee with the XR2 irons?

Yes. They come with a one-year guarantee.