Fazer Distance Ball Review

Fazer XR2 Distance balls are a cheap option

Fazer Distance Ball

Fazer Distance golf balls are a budget golf ball that is aimed at players seeking a low-cost option.

Whether you are a higher handicapper and lose a lot balls in a round, just taking up the game or are a golfer who prefers to play cheap balls, the Fazer distance could be for you.

Fazer Distance Ball Design

A firm ball to help extract maximum distance, what the Fazer distance lacks in softness for touch around the greens, it more than makes up for in price.

The Fazer XR2 Distance golf ball comes in at an incredibly value for money price of around £1 a ball when buying a 12-pack box.

Fazer have produced the Distance ball in both white and yellow colour options.

Fazer XR2 Distance Golf Ball Verdict

The Fazer Distance golf balls aren’t the best quality, but as the old saying goes: you get what you pay for.

These balls aren’t designed at the better golfers of the world, they have been designed as a budget option for golfers who like a cheap ball that performs well.

The Fazer XR2 Distance is firm and helps you extract the maximum distance from driver to pitching wedge and is the ideal choice if you prefer not to spend a fortune on balls.

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