Fazer CTR20 Package Set Review

Fazer have come up with a perfect starter set

The Fazer CTR20 Package Set is perfect for newcomers and beginners.

Fazer CTR20 Package Set (Featured)

The Fazer CTR20 Package Set is a complete set of clubs and bag and an ideal starting point for new golfers.

The Fazer set contains a stand bag, driver, woods, hybrid, irons and putter as well head covers and is an exceptional value for money set for anyone thinking about taking up the game.

The entire Fazer CTR20 package set is priced at around half the price of a top-level driver, meaning you aren’t going to have to break the bank to get kitted out for golf.

Fazer CTR20 Package Set Design

The set comes with a stylish 8.5 Inch stand bag in red and black colours with a seven-way divider system for clubs as well five handy pockets for balls, tees, gloves and other equipment.

The bag also includes a rain hood, tee holder, umbrella holder, towel ring and Velcro glove attachment.

Fazer CTR20 Package Set

Fazer CTR20 Driver

The driver is a great starting point if you are a beginner. Fazer has design the driver to help provide an ideal launch from the tee and to produce maximum distance.

The CTR20 driver has a 460cc head, a sole weight positioned low and back, soft grip, graphite shaft and an optimal kick point to help with accuracy off the tee. It also comes with a driver head cover.

Fazer CTR20 Driver

Fazer CTR20 3-Wood

The package includes one fairway wood, a 3-wood. It has been designed with all the same features as the driver to provide maximum distance and accuracy from either the tee or the fairway. It also comes with a head cover.

Fazer CTR20 Woods

Fazer CTR20 Hybrid

Providing the perfect option between the 3-wood and irons is a 4-hybrid. The hybrid is set to 23 degrees and offers forgiveness in bucketloads whether being used from the fairway, rough or from the tee.

Like the 3-wood, the hybrid has all the same features as the driver including the soft grip, graphite shaft and optimal kick point. It also comes with a head cover.

Fazer CTR20 Hybrids

Fazer CTR20 Irons

Included in the set are six irons, including the 6, 7, 8, 9 and pitching wedge (PW) and sand wedge (SW) – all oversized club heads for a confidence inspiring look.

These irons are made with Hyper Steel, have heel and toe weights, a sole with a wide topline and have an optimum flex lightweight steel shaft.

The design of the CTR20 irons, which come with soft grips, ensures the balance and stability during each shot that is ideal for beginners.

Fazer CTR20 Irons

Fazer CTR20 Putter

The CTR20 putter is a heel and toe balanced putter, available in black. It has a helpful white sightline for alignment over putts, and a striking white face insert.

Fazer CTR20 Putter

Fazer CTR20 Package Set Verdict

This is a value-for-money golf set that is the perfect option for newcomers to the game.

When starting out, you may not want to splash out big money when taking up golf for the first time. The CTR20 set means you don’t have to.

You get everything you need to enjoy your first steps in golf, and the Fazer set performs to a good standard.

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