Garmin Approach S10 GPS Review

The Garmin S10 GPS is a value-for-money distance measuring device

Garmin Approach S10 GPS

The Garmin Approach S10 GPS watch scales back on the frills and gives players a more basic option. review the S10 models.

Although Garmin has led the way in producing innovative golf aides for golfers with industry first advancements, the Approach S10 range is a value-for-money option that won’t break the bank.

All the essential features of a golf watch are still available in the S10, but the price tag of the product is a big draw in comparison to more high-end watches.


What Garmin says about the S10 GPS:

“If you want to stay focused on your game and the course, this is your golf watch. Based on your location, the easy-to-use Approach S10 golf watch automatically chooses the course you’re playing from more than 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide with free lifetime updates.

“Complete a hole, and it automatically transitions to the next hole as you walk from the green to the next tee box.

“For added convenience, keep score right on your Approach S10. At the end of your round, it provides a summary of your round showing total distance played, total time and score.

“Its rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours in GPS mode. And don’t fear the water holes, because Approach S10 is water-rated to 5 ATM (50 metres).”

Garmin Approach S10 Design & Features

The Garmin Approach S10 is lightweight, comfortable and provides coverage for over 41,000 golf courses across the globe.

Garmin Approach S10 GPS

The watch features a large, high-resolution 32mm memory-in-pixel (MIP) screen – making the S10 easy to view and read even in the most glaring of conditions.

The multi-functionality provides golfers with all of the fine details on the course including the position of water hazards, bunkers and dog-legs.

Distances to the front, middle and back of the green are measured via GPS tracking to help with club selection on approach shots.

The S10 watch is compatible with the Garmin Golf app, allowing golfers to upload and track their score and progress after each round.

Garmin Approach S10 GPS

The rechargeable battery takes one hour to charge and lasts up to 12 hours in GPS mode. The S10 watch is also water-resistant up to 50 metres.

Is the Garmin Approach S10 watch any good?

Being a no frills option in the golf GPS watch market, the Garmin S10 Approach is missing a lot of the previous features seen in other models. That includes the Bluetooth function, which means manually connecting the S10 to upload scores on to Garmin Golf.

The S10 is available a lot cheaper than other smartwatches, making it understandable that this no frills option is missing some of the more advanced features found elsewhere.

It is a very appealing option for golfers on a tighter budget, seeking the basics on the course without some of the modern spec.

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How much does the Garmin Approach S10 cost?

This watch is sold at £119/$159 by most retailers, making it one of the cheaper options for golf GPS’.

How do you use the Garmin Approach S10?

Easy to identify buttons are on the side of the watch that are used to navigate through holes, hazards, distances and more on more than 41,000 golf courses. Players have to use a USB plugin to charge the watch, and to upload scores to their Garmin Golf account.

What colours is the Garmin Approach S10 GPS watch available in?

The S10 watch is available to purchase in either black or grey.