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Golf as a Key Business Tool

Golf as a Business Tool

Any business is about paving your way to success, no matter the circumstances. Have you ever used golf as a key business tool?

Golf is a perfect example of this idea – your skill, composure, and ability to remain calm and focused for a long time lead you to a win. The final result, the number of holes completed, victory or defeat – it all depends on you.

Swish of a club after several unsuccessful attempts, a side wind noticed in time, a premeditated move, and a good shot, which resulted from persistent training – it all improves your chances of succeeding. If you think about it – the same can be applied to the business sphere in our life.

Even now, with an oversaturation of sport content types, golf tournaments keep attracting a significant amount of fans, making it almost second to none to invest your time in watching.

For example, a passionate golf match held at picturesque Cape Wickham Links is the definition of good entertainment. And, of course, no content can catch the eye of the audience without superstars.

Tiger Woods is familiar even to those who don’t really know what a golf club looks like. The game is constantly on everyone’s lips and getting increasingly popular among athletes.

Golf is Just Like Business

Golf as a Business Tool

Golf is in demand worldwide and can be called the most popular sport in the business environment.

The connection between golf and business was embedded in our consciousness by constant news of politicians and big business players playing golf.

It recurs regularly in popular culture, too: think of movies with business negotiation scenes, and you’ll find that at least some have meetings on golf courses.

It’s not because golf is classy and expensive – it’s about the spirit of the game – no other kind of sport combines fierce rivalry and complete appeasement.

This mood is perfect for doing business: you’re here, and now, you’re fully focused but relaxed. You calculate every single move and keep enjoying a fresh breeze.

Starting a golf match, you often don’t know who you are playing with. This is a unique opportunity to make new acquaintances and get to know them through a few hours of playing.

The exact same situation can be said about business. The world is so fast-paced that you have to use every single possibility to avoid going backward. Such opportunities are about meeting the right people with the right approach.

In most cases, you have a single chance to build a partnership. Otherwise, your competitor will use your weakness against you.

Not surprisingly, negotiations are highly effective in such an environment – all parties are very concentrated but calm.

This is the perfect formula that allows you to achieve maximum success in business communication. Some say that in Japan, about 70% of business agreements are made on golf courses.

Golf and Corporate Ideology

Golf is loved for its aesthetics, the elegant look of the players, and the strict observance of unspoken etiquette.

Do not overtake each other, respect the space around the player during the shot, do not give advice to players from the other team, and many other small but important ceremonies.

A businessman is about status and reputation and only after that about professional qualities. A proper image can compensate for any lack of expertise.

Golf is very close to the corporate ideology because it organically combines endurance, composure, strength, and the ability to win and lose with dignity but always enjoy the game.

For a successful match, you need to be able to weigh the pros and cons, develop a strategy, assess risks and stand firmly on your feet.

That’s the reason why a lot of businesses establish their own golf tournaments, including charity ones.

Participation in a golf tournament provides a rare opportunity to meet with a potential client outside the office, switch from the daily routine, spend time outdoors in an interesting company, and do what you love.

There are many examples of long-term partnerships thanks to the acquaintances made during such tournaments.

The number of golfers and their guests who come to have a good time and join the game is growing every year.

It’s always good to see how people who have never played golf before, after making a few trial strokes, are imbued with the spirit of the game and come next year, not as guests but as players who confidently hold a club in their hands.