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Golf: How To Get Started (HANDY Guide)

Golfer (General)

Golf is one of the most popular sports with millions of fans worldwide. It has led to many newcomers wondering how to get started in the game.

As popular as the game is, it is nowhere near on the level of football, basketball, or cricket when it comes to participation.

However, new fans are constantly discovering how to play the game, and wondering how they can get into it themselves.

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Get Started In Golf

The first step you should take is getting acquainted with the game. Watch a few tournaments, attend some events and maybe even pay close attention to the big-name players.

At first, you just want to spectate. You will get a feel for the rules, the game, and how it all works.

The first thing you need to know about professional golf is that it is not a seasonal sport. There is a golf game happening at any point throughout the year, in a vein similar to tennis.

If you just want to be a fan, getting into golf is simple. But, what if you want to play?

Getting The Right Equipment

The first step to start playing yourself is to get your hands on the right equipment. What do you need for a game of golf? Obviously, golf clubs are a must and you first port of call.

You are going to want a range of golf clubs, all of which have a different purpose and utility. For example, high handicappers require the best golf wedges on the market.

The next thing to look for is a high-quality golfing bag. After all, you will need to carry your golf clubs with you or organise your bag in a set way.

Luckily, most golf sets do come with the bag, which means you essentially get it for free. Of course, golf shoes and golf balls are a necessity as well.

There is a very common misconception about golf; and that is that it is a “sport for the rich.” There is some truth to that statement. However, it is also true that anyone can play golf.

Certainly, not anyone will be able to get the best equipment or play at the clubs. But, anyone can get used equipment, find affordable golf courses, and give the game a shot.

Find an Affordable Course

For this next step, you will have to work within your budget to find the affordable course.

As is the case in any walk of life, money management is hugely important. For those from high-income households, finding a top quality golf course is a simple matter.

But, if you are working within a budget, you will have to seek out affordable places to play. There are plenty of golf clubs that will let anyone use their course for a green fee.

If you don’t golf often, then taking this route is probably the best bet. While the fee may be high, doing it rarely (once a month of example) is within reason. For those that like to golf once a week on a budget, there are other solutions.

There are plenty of golf courses that may not be the fanciest, but can certainly get the job done. Finding these affordable golf courses is a must for anyone who wants to play golf frequently, and on a budget.

Finally, if golf seems like fun, but a course is out of the question, then there are some alternatives.

Alternatives to Golf

One of the main alternatives to golf is mini-golf. Mini-golf courses range from simple to complex, and many of them can get even more exciting than golf proper.

It may seem silly to suggest mini-golf as a substitute, but, trust us when we say, mini-golf courses can be quite a blast.
The best part about mini-golf is that it is affordable. Most mini-golf places have reasonable fees, which is why the pastime is so popular among many young people in the United States, Europe, and across the world. But, if mini-golf is not your thing, you do have another option.

Those who want to play golf, but can’t afford to visit a course always have the simplest option; find a safe, grassy field, get yourself a ball and club, and create your own golf course.

A lot of people mark the field with small red flags, and the goal is to get the ball as close to the flag as possible.