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How To Adjust a Srixon Z585 Driver (Adjustment Guide – Loft & Lie)

Need to know how to adjust a  Srixon Z585 driver to switch the loft and lie angles? We have a complete guide and adjustment chart.

The amount of golf driver adjustment you can make differs from brand to brand but the step-by-step guide below shows you how the Srixon Z585 driver can be adjusted.

The Srixon Z585 driver is not a fully adjustable via a hosel. Instead Srixon have opted for adjustable weight in the sole as the way to alter setup.

Srixon Z585 Drivers Lofts

The Srixon Z585 Driver is sold in two standard lofts of 9.5 degrees and 10.5 degrees.

Srixon Z585 Driver Specs

Loft: 9.5 degrees & 10.5 degrees

Standard Length: 45.25 inches

Standard Lie: 58 degrees

Adjustability: There is no adjustable hosel. Instead, there is a rear sole weight which is interchangable to adjust set up.

Adjusting The Loft Angle of a Srixon Z585 Driver

Srixon Z585 Driver

The Z585 driver is one of the few Srixon models that has no had an adjustable hosel incorporated into the design.

Srixon have already positioned weighting in optimal areas meaning there is no option to change launch and lie angle.

The only adjustment option is via the weight positioned on the rear of the sole of the club.