Srixon Z85 Series Review: Z785 Driver, ZF85 Woods, ZH85 Hybrid, Z585 and Z785 Irons

Complete collection from Srixon in the Z85 range

Srixon ZF85 Woods
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The Srixon Z85 series hits the market in 2018 and features the Z785 Driver, ZF85 Woods, ZH85 Hybrid, Z585 and Z785 Irons.

The latest introductions arrive in September as Srixon introduce game-changing improvements on the already popular Z65 series, specifically targeting increasing ball speed and distance with the Srixon Z85 range.

All clubs in the range are priced competitively as Srixon look to take on the big names with the new additions.

Srixon Z785 Driver

Srixon Z785 Driver

Srixon have opted to replace the titanium crown from the Z565 and introduce a carbon crown in the Srixon Z785 driver. The lightweight crown coupled with the new titanium cup face, which is the key feature of this driver, means the club is 10% lighter than previous versions and as a result can generate the increased ball speeds that Srixon are striving for. With a 9.5 or 10.5 degree loft, which can be adjusted 2 degrees either way, the Z785 produces a lower ball flight than before. That also helps add distance, while at the same time produces less spin than previous making it incredibly forgiving.

Srixon ZF85 Woods

Srixon ZF85 Woods

The Srixon ZF85 woods feature 3-wood and 5-wood options. The cup face technology that features in the driver is also in the 3-wood, to help added distance to ball strikes, but it has not been included in the 5-wood option. There is a nice high ball flight from both woods, which feature a carbon crown and steel face. Both woods are also very forgiving.

Srixon ZH85 Hybrid

Srixon ZH85 Hybrid

The hybrid option in the Z85 series is known as the Srixon ZH85 Hybrid and it has been produced with a much larger crown than previous versions. The idea behind the increase in size is to add greater confidence to a golfer’s mind while using the utility clubs from either the tee or for approach shots.

Srixon Z585 Irons

Adding increased ball speed and distance to the Srixon Z585 Irons compared to its predecessor in the Z65 range, and they have managed to achieve that with the introduction of Speed Groove technology. That technology works in the same way that the cup face in the driver does, providing a solid platform for ball striking. The moving of the muscle in the cavity has also produced a higher launch trajectory, while the widened sole allows the irons to get through the turf better than before.

Srixon Z585 & Z785 Irons

Srixon Z785 Irons

The Srixon Z785 Irons are best suited to lower handicap golfers who like to shape shots and enjoy versatility from their irons. They are cavity back, like the Z585s, and the weight has also been moved in this model – this time towards the toe so that it has more muscle centrally. The end result is another higher ball launch and improved performance.

Srixon Z85 Series Verdict

The new series from Srixon is seriously impressive, not just from a pricing point of view but also because of the technology that has gone into the creation of the products. Added ball speed is what the objective was, and Srixon are adding distance to the game of golfers with the Srixon Z85s.