Mizuno JPX923 Irons Review (FIVE Stunning New Irons)

The JPX923 irons range features five models

Five new irons are available in the Mizuno JPX923 series.

Mizuno JPX923 Irons

Mizuno JPX923 irons are new for 2022 and 2023 with five models released in the latest series.

Replacing the JPX921 irons, Mizuno have upgraded the series and added an additional model with the Forged, Tour, Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro returning along with the new Hot Metal HL.

The new irons were unveiled on September 23 with Mizuno revealing that data from over 350,000 golfers worldwide has been gathered to perfect that new release.

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What Mizuno say about the JPX923 irons:

“Mizuno’s JPX923 irons are engineered for custom performance. Five unique iron models created from three specific metals – based on Swing DNA data from over 350,000 real golfers.

“The expanded head options combine with one of over 50 custom shafts for specific trajectory, ball speed and ease of use. This creates options for elite tour players, slow swinging amateurs and every player in between.

“Mizuno’s Swing DNA System records 40 unique data points from more than 175,000 golfers every year – providing the basis for every JPX iron project.”

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Mizuno JPX923 Irons Design & Features

Mizuno have opted for five models in the new series of JPX923 irons including updated versions of the Forged, Tour and Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro irons from the JPX921 irons that debuted in 2021.

There is also be a new version of the Hot Metal model with a HL (High Launch) iron launched as part of the new JPX923s.

Mizuno JPX923 Irons

Once again the Forged model is the main seller as the most balanced of the options, while the more compact Tour will provide precision workability and be targetted at better golfers.

The Hot Metal range is designed for explosive ball speeds, something offered across three new options.

The standard version is complimented by the Hot Metal Pro, which has a slightly smaller profile and less offset and forgiveness.

The Hot Metal HL is the new newcomer in the JPX923 series, offering something a little different with a high launch angle for more carry and distance.

Mizuno JPX923 Irons

The new JPX923s will be the fourth generation to use the resilience of Chromoly as the key element of the design in harmony with the Grain Flow Forged steel.

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Mizuno JPX923 Forged Irons Review

The new Forged Mizuno irons features a mid-size cavity back and covers a wide range of golfers from low-handicap and scratch to mid-handicappers.

It is produced from a full body Grand Flow Forged irons and is noted for impressive ball speeds as well as stability and feel off the club face.

Mizuno have managed to reduce the face thickness in this model by 2.2mm compared to the JPX921 Forged.

Mizuno JPX923 Forged Irons

The irons feature Chromoly Forging in the 4-7 iron with a milling slot that is wider heel to toe than in the shorter irons.

The 8-iron to gap wedge are more compact in size and are crafted from forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel.

Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons Review

Aimed at the better players from what Mizuno described as “Pro to Elite Amateurs”, the Tour irons are the premium choice of the range.

This the latest version of Mizuno’s most-played iron on tour – hence the name.

Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons

The irons are crafted one-piece Grain Flow Forged, but also have a copper underlay for an even better feel off the club face.

The Tour model is designed with a shallow cavity, has Mizuno’s new V-Chassis and also features a thinner topline than in the JPX921 version.

The blade length of the elite performer is shorter in 6-iron to gap wedge compared to the other models in the series.

Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Irons Review

Mizuno have given the Hot Metal and Hot Metal Pro a makeover in the JPX923 range, but have significantly also added a new model – the HL.

The three options all feature a stylish and forgiving cavity back design that has been produced to generate explosive ball speeds off the face.

Produced from a 4335 Nickel Chromoly, the Hot Metals have been made 35% stronger than our original material used in this model. That has enabled Mizuno to make the clubface 8% thinner and generate even more energy at impact.

Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Irons

All three models also feature the new V-Chassis, which reduces vibration, have a deep CG and are incredibly forgiving and long.

The Hot Metal is the most stable and standard of the trio and produces a straight ball flight and eye-catching distance. It is suited to mid to high handicappers.

The Hot Metal irons are available in 4-iron (19 degrees) to lob wedge (60 degrees).

The Pro is more compact in design and shape is aimed at low to mid-handicap golfers with minimal offset in this one piece Nickel Chromoloy Cavity iron.

The Hot Metal Pro irons are available in 4-iron (19 degrees) to pitching wedge (42.5 degrees).

Mizuno JPX923 Irons

The HL is the newcomer and targetted at mid to high handicap golfers who need additional help getting the ball in the air.

The High Launch of this iron, which features a Max Forgiveness Speed Cavity design, makes it an ideal choice for slow swing speeds looking to generate more yardage from shots.

The HL also inspires added confidence with the largest clubhead of the three Hot Metal irons. They are available in 5-iron (25 degrees) to sand wedge (55 degrees).

Verdict: Are Mizuno JPX923 irons any good?

The JPX921 irons were widely acclaimed and the next generation from Mizuno are going to make a big impression into 2023 and beyond.

Improvements have been made to the 921s by studying data from more than 350,000 golfers from around the world to extract more distance, carry and forgiveness.

The addition of a high launch version of the Hot Metals is an interesting move and fills a void previously not catered for and Mizuno certainly have golfers of all abilities covered in the new JPX923 irons.


What is the Mizuno JPX923 irons release date?

The new irons will go on sale from September 23, 2022. The Hot Metal models will be available for purchase from September 2022 while the Forged and Tour go on sale in January 2023.

How much do Mizuno JPX923 irons cost?

The price and details of the irons are not yet available with pre-ordering commencing in September 2022.

Which is the best Mizuno iron in the JPX923 range?

There are five options, all with differing qualities. The Forged is the more standard version, the Tour is for better quality golfers, the Hot Metals deliver impressive ball speeds. In the Hot Metal range, there is a standard model, the more precise Pro and a new HL iron that delivers a high launch angle.

What are the Mizuno JPX923 irons specs?

The Hot Metal irons are available in 4-iron (19 degrees) to lob wedge (60 degrees). The Hot Metal Pro irons are available in 4-iron (19 degrees) to pitching wedge (42.5 degrees). The Hot Metal HL irons are available in 5-iron (25 degrees) to sand wedge (55 degrees).