Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver Review

The ST-G 220 is the second generation of Mizuno's leading driver

The ST-G 220 is the second generation of Mizuno’s leading driver

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

The Mizuno ST-G 220 driver is the new release and the second generation of the ST-G model. GolfReviewsGuide.com takes a look at the changes and improvements.

Mizuno have introduced a “three tracks, two moveable weights” design to come up with a incredibly adjustable driver to suit the game of any golfer and any shot shape.

Whether you hit a draw or fade, a high or low shot off the tee, the ST-G can be set up to suit your game. Adjustability is what this driver is all about.

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What Mizuno says about the ST-G 220 driver:

“A player’s deeper profile with the ball speed of Mizuno’s Forged BETA Ti SAT2041 clubface – and unmatched levels of adjustability for precise fitting. 

“The ST-G now has shorter lateral weight tracks – allowing a new centre/back weight port. The combination of three tracks and two moveable weights enable the ST-G to morph from ultra-low spinning bomber to a highly playable mid-spinning option – with fade or draw bias in both.

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

The evolution of the ST-G’s weight locations offers a rare combination of both backspin and fade/draw adjustability. Traditionally adjustable drivers have been more effective at just one of those tasks.

“The Mizuno ST-G also impresses in how un-adjustable it feels once set up. In every setting the ST-G delivers impressive performance from off-centre strikes – with impressively consistent feedback across its varying weight positions.

“The ST-G has so much more effective movement of weight along both the X and the Z axis. We can set it to be very low spin, a more playable mid spin, heavily fade or draw biased and just about anything in between.”

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Mizuno ST-G 220 Design & Features

In the ST-G 220, Mizuno have come up with a model that can been aimed at a huge variety of golfers with vastly differing requirements from a driver.

The big change from previous models in the ST driver range is the sole now features three adjustable tracks and two weights. It allows for incredibly fine tuning to get the perfect set up.

Mizuno ST-G Driver

The ST-G 220 can be using adjusted using what Mizuno call the X and Y axis to create a driver with draw, fade or neutral bias as well as adjusted from a central track to provide a low, medium or high ball flight.

In total there are eight loft settings to add further to the adjustability of the ST-G 220, while two 8G weights can be positioned in any of the tracks to suit ball shape and trajectory.

The club face is made from a beta-rich titanium and has 8% more flexibility than in previous models. It produces impressive ball speeds even from off-centre strikes.

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Verdict: Is the Mizuno ST-G Driver any good?

Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

The ST 200 drivers range from Mizuno was an incredibly strong performer, but the manufacturer has taken things to a new level with the ST-G 220.

While the previous generation of this driver had three separate models for shape preference, Mizuno have wrapped them all up into one impressive big stick.

The adjustability in the ST-G 220 is seriously eye-catching. Not just from a draw, fade or neutral perspective but from a trajectory point of view too. There’s little not to like about Mizuno’s latest release.


How much does the Mizuno ST-G driver cost?

The driver is retailing at £400 / $550. It comes with a headcover and toolkit.

When is the Mizuno ST-G 220 driver being released?

It is available for purchase now. It first went on sale in autumn 2021.

Does the Mizuno ST-G driver come with warranty?

Yes. You can expect one year manufacturer’s warranty as standard from Mizuno.