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Ping ChipR Review

Ping ChipR

The Ping ChipR is a new short game option launched in 2022 with the leading manufacturer adding a chipper to their list of options for the first time.

In a first move, Ping have decided to grab a slice of the popular chipper market but have done so with an iron like club rather than a lofted putter style that we see sold.

Essentially like using an eight or nine-iron given the 38.5 loft, the ChipR is actually billed as a wedge by Ping and is an ideal alternative for bump and runs around greens.

What Ping says about the ChipR:

“Fully engineered for golfers who may lack confidence with their traditional wedge and frequently struggle with chip shots.

“The ChipR combines elements of a putter and a wedge to improve performance around the greens and lower scores without fear of chunking or blading shots.

“Recommended for shots within 40 yards of the green from the rough or fringe, golfers apply a putting-like stroke to achieve distance control and consistency without fear of chunking or blading shots.”

Ping ChipR

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Ping ChipR Design & Features

Ping have decided to go down the route of the popular golf chippers and come up with their first ever bump and run club to use around the greens.

The ChipR has a loft of 38.5 degrees and is like using an 8-iron or 9-iron to play shots around the green.

However, unlike your regular irons, the ChipR has been designed with 40-yard shots around the green in mind and is a new option to have in the bag for the chip and run approaches.

Ping ChipR

The ChipR looks like a normal iron and is built from 431 stainless steel. It has weight positioned around the perimeter for forgiveness and has a composite cavity badge incorporated into the design.

The sole is cambered sole to help maintain the strike from the fringe or surrounding rough and the face height is shallow and designed between putter and wedge length.

The face itself features precision-milled MicroMax grooves, and more of them than you find in irons and wedges.

Ping ChipR

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Verdict: Is the Ping ChipR any good?

If you struggle with chipping from around the greens, have inconsistency with distance control with your chips or tend to putts from fringes and rough, the ChipR could be the answer.

There are many chippers already out there and almost all resemble putters with a lofted face. That is where the ChipR stands out as it is just like any other iron.

That very point is also a negative too, however, as you are going to need to replace a club in your bag to accommodate the ChipR. And the loft of this club is similar to using an 8-iron or 9-iron that you will already have.

The plus, of course, is that the sole and face of the ChipR has been designed with just this job in mind of chipping from around the greens. And the results are impressive.


When is the Ping ChipR being released?

The ChipR was first unveiled in July 2022 and is available to purchase now.

What is the Ping ChipR price and how much does it cost?

The new ChipR is priced at $199 / £169.

What is the loft of the Ping ChipR?

The new wedge from Ping is set to 38.5 degrees of loft but is available for custom fitting to suit personal requirements.